What’s Cookin’: Claudio Corallo Chocolate in Ballard

Is Seattle going chocolate crazy? Theo Chocolate is doing chocolate massages, meditations and barbeques. Joule is dipping chicken liver in dark chocolate. There’s even a store called Chocolopolis.

Claudio Corallo Chocolate is the newest contributor to the chocolate frenzy. Actually, they’re not so new, but they just opened a store on Market Street in Ballard. A recent opening party gave us a chance to see the store, meet the trio of local employees, and sample some of their fine chocolate. (The bars with crystallized orange or ginger seemed quite popular.) Nice people with a great story to tell about their product.

But, particularly in this economy, can Seattle sustain so many chocolate shops? (Here comes another: Fran’s Chocolate is scheduled to open in the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences in September.) Unlike Chocolate Box and Chocolopolis, with their variety of products, comfortable settings, and eat/drink-in opportunities, the challenge for Claudio Corallo Chocolate will be creating a compelling interior (and exterior) that draws in customers, tells the wonderful story of the chocolate, and makes people want to stay—and pay the price of the bars and other bites.

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