Joule’s Doubly Delicious Chicken Liver Mousse Popsicle

How much do I love Joule? I don’t dare try to count the ways.

At some point, I’ll write more about the regular menu, which is divided into interesting categories: Tossed (cold salad/sides), Simmered (soup, including a spicy beef soup I adore), Crisped (hot sides), Sparked (grilled seafood/meat), and Pickled (kimchi and more—last time I enjoyed a beef tongue and daikon kimchi). But for now the focus is on this summer’s Urban BBQ Series, and one particular item that grabbed my attention (and hasn’t let go).

For the series, chef/owners Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi planned a different theme each Sunday of the summer that would showcase a variety of grilled dishes. I looked forward to “Food on a Stick” and “Dreaming of Pigs,” but it was “Chick-a-licious” that featured the most fantastic food item I’ve had in a long time: chicken liver mousse popsicles. I was imagining intriguingly shaped pieces of liver on sticks, but little did I expect that they’d be dipped in dark chocolate (and plated with chicken liver crostini). Liver alone always makes me happy, and its creaminess melded perfectly with the chocolate shell, the tastes combining for a rich, livery sweet sensation. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Unless, that is, you count the whole fried chicken that was also on the menu that day. Who could resist that crispy skin? My dining companions and I raced to eat our favorite dark meat pieces, but the breast pieces were also wonderfully moist. There were three choices of dipping sauces: House ranch, soy-garlic (which turned out to be my favorite), and Korean hot—which I liked, but would have liked even spicier. But no worries; no one fought me for the fried jalapeno, which gave me the fire I desired.

What I love about Joule are the little twists that elevate the food from ordinary to extraordinary. That day, cole slaw had cilantro and pickled grapes, while the deviled eggs delivered taste from the added bacon, scallion, and cheddar cheese. Doesn’t bacon make everything better?

Speaking of which, I’m still dreaming of pigs after sampling some of Joule’s deep fried pork belly and a pig trotter po’ boy last weekend. If I’m whetting your appetite, note that this Sunday is the finale of the Urban BBQ Series. The theme may sound simple, but the chefs tell me that “Patties and Dogs” will include homemade hot dogs, short rib burgers, and more. Expect another shining performance at Joule this Sunday—or anytime you go.

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2 Responses to “Joule’s Doubly Delicious Chicken Liver Mousse Popsicle”

  1. August 15, 2008 at 12:36 pm #

    I’m constantly surprised to read such great reviews of the Joule Urban BBQ…Maybe we went too early into the series, but the day we went it was just awful. Flavorless soup, bitter kim chi (and I looove kim chi). Really boring, uninventive stuff. Definetly no chicken liver mousse popsicles!

  2. admin
    August 15, 2008 at 3:02 pm #

    Hmm…if you’re reading great reviews, maybe you had an isolated bad experience, or maybe their food just doesn’t resonate with you? Everyone I know has raved about the BBQ series, and about the regular menu even more!

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