Dishin’: Something Fishy at this Club

To 25 for $25, or not to 25 for $25: That is the question. And subject of some debate.

We’re always tempted by the big names that are participating, but hesitant due to occasional reports of sub-par service and small portions. (Nishino is notorious for the latter; maybe we’ll investigate.)

So, last year, we decided to go halfway. After hearing rave reviews for Fish Club (some saying it was the best deal of the 25), we went for a $12.50 lunch to give the promotion a try. Now, we don’t normally like dining in hotel eateries, but the service was sparkling and the meal amazing – and huge! Fish Club stuffed us to the human gills with its great bread basket, entrée-sized appetizers, featured main dishes, and over-the-top desserts – all delicious. The highlight: scallops, caramelized and tender, served over house-made pappardelle with roasted peppers and basil-whipped ricotta.

Scallop memories secure, Seattlest ventured back to Fish Club this year for a late lunch encore. Unfortunately it was only half the previous experience. Service was lacking. No water refills, delivery of the wrong entrée, dessert served on a dirty table, and a close call of impalement by a runaway fork (which splattered its food remains on us) – without any apology from the waiter. Yikes.

As for the food, the seared scallops were still great. This time, they came on a bed of black-eyed peas cooked with pancetta (we savored the animal fat!), with thin slices of pear serving as a nice counterpoint. But, there were only two scallops – half of last year’s amount! Luckily, we had splurged to get oyster and shrimp cocktail appetizers; at $12 each, this essentially brought our food bill up to $25 per person.

Would we return? Maybe… half-heartedly.

Originally posted at Seattlest (where “we” = me) on November 17, 2006, back in the days of 25 for $25.

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