Dishin’: Some Beef, and Beefing about Sunset Supper

We thought we’d offer a quick look back at the Sunset Supper, which we previewed a few weeks ago and then attended. Actually, our view much of the evening was what you see in the photograph: the backs of a bunch of people standing in line.

We like this event, as it’s for a great cause. And it’s a great way to sample some fabulous food from the area’s greatest chefs. Highlights this year:

That said, Sunset Supper has lost a little of its luster—at least for us. The event seemed more crowded than in past years. We’re pleased that it’s so popular, but having plates pressed against our backs throughout the affair was a problem. Even worse was when a half-drunken woman spilled her food on us, then gave only a half-hearted apology. Seems a bit silly to see some overdressed people fighting for food, and then figuring out what their dry cleaning bill will be. We hope that the organizers can figure out a way to retain the joy and spirit of this event while making it more manageable to maneuver—and to eat.

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