Gastrolust Blasts Off!

globe-in-spoon-large-2[2/4/12 update: Funny that I no longer write for any of the publications listed below. To see where I do write, check out my “About” page.]

Welcome to Gastrolust! This first posting is one small step for the stomach, and one giant step for stomachkind. Or something like that.

I’d like to dive in and make this site look simply delicious, but between my other food writing and my other interesting (day) job, site development will take time. Thanks for your patience. I hope you’ll check back from time to time. Meanwhile, you can check out my restaurant reviews, event previews, and other food insights and outbursts at the following sites:

1. Seattlest: Direct link to my entries (entrees?) here

2. Examiner: Direct link to my page here

3. Seattle Sound magazine: Direct link to my monthly “Dish-Off” competition reviews here (under development)

And note that you can catch me at a couple of exciting food events in Seattle this week. Earlier this year, I said that one of my short-term goals was to be a judge at a cooking competition. Well, it’s happening! Tomorrow I’m a judge for Farestart’s Guest Chef on the Waterfront (I’m stretching my stomach now), and Sunday I’m on the tasting panel for the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon (I’ll exercise my sweet tooth soon). Both promise to be tasty and fun, so watch for follow-up reports here if you can’t attend.

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