Jay Friedman is a freelance food writer and gastronaut—willing to travel the world for what he wants to eat. His work has been featured in publications like USA Today, Lucky Peach (RIP), Eater, and Serious Eats, to name a few. He’s been hailed as “Seattle’s authoritative voice on Asian cuisine,” and this website aggregates some of his writing about Asian restaurants from Seattle to Chengdu. But Gastrolust is much more, from burgers in Seattle to dining/travel guides throughout Washington state, the United States, and beyond.

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  • Continuation of My Coffee Education
    I had good equipment and a good sense of what kind of coffee I like. But how to describe it? Stumped, I went to Stumptown, and then explored other coffee places around the continent.
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    I’ve obviously exhibited a lot of enthusiasm lately for hot oil-seared biang-biang noodles. They’re addictively delicious! So, I’ve wondered, why not make them myself? Here’s the start of the journey…
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    Pike Place Market is a working market for locals as well as a central attraction for tourists and business travelers alike. There are plenty of places to satisfy your sweet tooth, but here’s where we recommend you start.