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For Eater: Where to Eat Japanese Food in Seattle

For Eater Seattle, here are my recommendations of great Japanese restaurants in the area.
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2012 in Food: No Top Chef, But 26 Favorites for the Seattle Area

As the year comes to a close, seems like everyone is compiling their Top 10 restaurant lists for 2012. Meanwhile, throughout the year, people take to Twitter and Facebook to scream that “this” or “that” is the best—making your pick more like the worst. I…
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Why Seattle’s Chinese and Japanese Restaurants Give Me the Blues

I remember the first time I saw a blueberry bagel. “That’s a Christian bagel,” my dad bemoaned, adding, “Or a stale doughnut.” We both believed a bagel should be simple—either plain, seeded, or maybe onion. Me…I’m a sesame man. And I’m a New York Jew,…
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Sushi Kappo Tamura Is Simply Captivating

Sometimes I get so obsessed about comparing restaurants that I do crazy things. Like creating a sushi (financial) spreadsheet. I did this in comparing the three restaurants that reside in my top tier of favorites in the Seattle area: Kisaku, Shiro’s, and now Sushi Kappo…
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Sexy Feast: Getting Head at Sushi Kappo Tamura

I have a new (co-) favorite sushi restaurant to recommend: Sushi Kappo Tamura. Oh, I still love Kisaku, with some unique offerings and slightly lower prices, but Tamura offers a slightly more upscale dining experience and high quality fish at prices slightly below Shiro’s—which rounds…
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