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Eight Great Bowls of Ramen to Slurp in Tokyo

I once read that there are over 20,000 ramen restaurants in Tokyo. That's a lot of noodle slurping for one city. So, where to go?
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Long life (and longing for) noodles in Tokyo (and Seattle)

It’s New Year’s eve in Tokyo, and traditionally a time to eat noodles to ensure a long and healthy life. The noodle of choice would be toshikoshi (year-bridging) soba, but this year (I’ve spent six of the last seven New Year eves in Tokyo), I’ve…
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Dishin’: Roamin’ for Ramen

We’re crazy about ramen. It might go back to Tampopo, the 1985 “Noodle Western” centered around a ramen shop, with its memorable raw egg and saliva swapping scene. While that movie glamorized the noodles for us, we’d never been to a real ramen shop, instead…
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