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Seattle Sound 12/08: Rock Our World

Sound‘s Search for the Year’s Top Chef The World Series, an amazing election, and now time to crown a “top chef.” The three best “Dish-Off” winners of the year were willing participants in a playoff, but what about a theme? I wanted something abstract, and…
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Seattle Sound 7/08: East Meets West

Sound enters the fusion food fight and emerges with Seattle’s best Wanna have some foodie fun? Go to Chowhound’s Pacific Northwest message board, ask for opinions about Wild Ginger, and watch a virtual food fight break out. People will passionately toss out terms like “fake…
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Best of Seattle: Top 5 Asian Restaurants

What a great city for Asian food! From super sushi restaurants to fantastic pho joints, we’re never more than a stone’s throw away from great noodles, rice dishes and other treats from the east. Selecting the top five Asian restaurants is a big challenge, but…
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What’s Cookin’: Claudio Corallo Chocolate in Ballard

Is Seattle going chocolate crazy? Theo Chocolate is doing chocolate massages, meditations and barbeques. Joule is dipping chicken liver in dark chocolate. There’s even a store called Chocolopolis. Claudio Corallo Chocolate is the newest contributor to the chocolate frenzy. Actually, they’re not so new, but…
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Joule’s Doubly Delicious Chicken Liver Mousse Popsicle

How much do I love Joule? I don’t dare try to count the ways. At some point, I’ll write more about the regular menu, which is divided into interesting categories: Tossed (cold salad/sides), Simmered (soup, including a spicy beef soup I adore), Crisped (hot sides),…
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