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Five Chocolate Treats to Gift Your Valentine in Seattle

This week, Serious Eats posted my article about five chocolate treats to gift your Valentine in Seattle. An excerpt: With all the chocolate options around the city, Seattle’s becoming a bit of a chocolopolis. In fact, Chocolopolis is the name of one of our finer…
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Serious Eats: Mont Blanc at Café de Lion in Seattle

The dessert gets its name from the famous peak in the Alps, which it resembles with its spaghetti-like piping of sweetened, puréed chestnut atop an almond tart shell base.
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Passport to Pleasure: Hungry Like the Wolf in Upper Queen Anne

Welcome to the first installment of my newest feature: Passport to Pleasure. As a food writer and sex educator, I’ll share hedonistic ideas for couples visiting various Seattle neighborhoods and more distant destinations. What’s ideal to a food writer and sex educator, you ask? With…
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