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Dishin’: Behold the Banh Mi

We’ve already sung the praises of the $3.00 meal at Saigon Vietnam Deli, which has also been our favorite place for banh mi sandwiches—specifically the banh mi thit nuong, or barbecued pork. So when we heard rave reviews of said sandwiches at a heretofore overlooked…
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Dishin’: The $3.00 Box at 12th and Jackson

Cheap. Hot. Fast. When we’re desperate for food, we can count on all that and more at 12th and Jackson, our favorite food corner in Seattle. In addition to some excellent restaurant choices, this area is home to some delicious delis – Vietnamese-style. Our favorite:…
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Mi Quang at Lemongrass

Last week, recall, I went to Sichuanese Cuisine at my favorite food corner in Seattle (12th and Jackson, in Little Saigon). This week I decided to venture to the shopping center diagonally across the street for a quick lunch at Lemongrass. When I think quick,…
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Tai Chin Nam Gau Gan Sach (a.k.a. #14)

Pho. Take a look at the sign, and the Vietnamese characters look like they’re asking you questions: Want a piece of me? Can you pronounce me? Do you even know what I am? This beef noodle soup is the perfect remedy for fighting a cold,…
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Feeling Ducky at Green Leaf

Welcome to the world of Seattle Asian Eats! What a world it is: Thai restaurants everywhere, teriyaki as the go-to fast food (with pho giving it a go as well), bubble tea for young and old alike, mediocre dim sum, and more. As I wait…
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