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Serious Eats: 10 Vietnamese Noodle Soups to Try in Seattle

This week, Serious Eats posted my roundup of Vietnamese noodle soups in Seattle. An excerpt:
I love the interactivity of Vietnamese soups, as most come with a side plate of herbs, vegetables, and lime wedges. It’s a must to taste the broth as presented, and…

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10 Terrific Tofu Dishes in Seattle

Yesterday, Serious Eats posted my roundup of “10 Terrific Tofu Dishes in Seattle.” An excerpt:
I probably wouldn’t have connected the words “tofu” and “terrific” twenty or thirty years ago. Before I’d been exposed to the wide array of Asian cuisine, tofu was merely a…

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Sexy Feast: Rainier Restaurant and BBQ Serves Up Sexual Substitutions

Rainier Restaurant and BBQ had been on my wish-list for ages, but especially because of a possible bump after it appears on Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover this coming season, now was the time to go. My large group ordered many of the exotic meats on…

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Sexy Feast Pho Le’s is Pho-king Okay

One can argue that pho and teriyaki are Seattle’s favorite fast foods. These restaurants are everywhere. As I point out in a current New York Magazine article about Seattle, teriyaki can range from the standby, like Toshi’s Grill in Renton (by the man who started…

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The Mein Man: Huong Binh Bundles Thin Noodles in Banh Hoi

Dish: Banh Hoi Thit Nuong
Place: Huong Binh, International District
Price: $7.50
On the tray: A plate with “intricate” bundles of thin rice noodles garnished with ground shrimp and scallions, along with a choice of meat–in this case, skewers of the “famous” grilled pork. On…

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The Mein Man: Sub Sand Has Good Duck and Bad Utens

Dish: Bamboo Shoot Duck Noodle Soup
Place: Sub Sand, International District
Price: $7.99
In the bowl: Rice vermicelli noodles, bamboo shoots, fried shallots and peanuts, and Thai basil.
Supporting cast/What to do: Along with your soup, you get a plate of cold duck pieces (on…

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The Mein Man: Pho So 1 Could Be #1

Dish: Pho
Place: Pho So 1, Little Saigon
Price: $6.99, large ($6.15, small)
In the bowl: Pictured is #20: pho tai, nam, gau, gan, sach with rare beef, well-done flank, fatty flank, tendon and tripe along with banh pho rice noodles, onions, green onions, and…

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The Mein Man: Hue Ky Mi Gia’s Perfectly Fowl Play

Dish: Mi Vit Tiem (braised duck noodle soup with Chinese herbs and spices)
Place: Hue Ky Mi Gia, Little Saigon
Price: $7.00
In the bowl: Free-range chicken broth with a leg-thigh section of braised duck, noodles, shiitake mushrooms, baby bok choy, green onions, Chinese red…

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The Mein Man: Vermicelli and Very Strange Service at Ba Bar

Dish: Combo Vermicelli
Place: Ba Bar, Capitol Hill
Price: $12.00
In the bowl: From the menu: “Imperial roll, grilled white prawn, grass-fed beef bo mo chai, cucumber, rau thom.” This and more (see below) over cold rice vermicelli noodles.
Supporting cast: A side of nuoc…

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…and Three (+) Pigs in Seattle

Yesterday I posted pictures of pig-filled plates outside of Seattle, and promised you local options. Here they are. Most are Asian, with appreciation of the utilization of as much of the animal as possible. Pictured above is bopis, which is a spicy and vinegary saute…

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