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Serious Eats: Ballard Pizza Company

So…check it out: I’m doing some writing for the Serious Eats blog!
Last week, they picked up my “First Look” story on Ethan Stowell’s new Ballard Pizza Company. From the Serious Eats post:
Ballard Pizza Company is the first of Stowell’s planned Grubb Brothers restaurants,…

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Beyond Seattle 2011: January (Bamboo Fire and Bagel Taste-Off in Florida)

Having failed in my goal to do frequent postings of my out-of-town meals, I now face a backlog of a year’s worth of eating. Time to tackle these month-by-month, starting with January 2011. Let’s see how much I can remember about these meals. (And let’s…

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Top Ten Food Highlights for 2011, Seattle and Beyond

1. Passport to Pleasure is a new column I kicked off for this year. Whether for a day or a getaway, I check out restaurants and romantic things to do in a hedonistic quest for great food and good times for two. It’s a…

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Makin’ Bacon with baconlube

I’m not sure if this one is going to win over Oprah like Baconnaise did. (Jon Stewart, though, will likely approve.) Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, the “J” and “D” of J&D Foods that features a line of bacon-happy products, have just announced the release…

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Why So Much Sex on a Food Blog?

If you’ve stumbled across this site and reached the top of the blog (where this post will stay, for the near future), you’re probably wondering why there’s so much sexual content.
Well, in addition to being a food writer, I’m a sex educator.
And sex…

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Suncadia’s Portals Wins Seattle’s Lamb Jam

A number of popular Seattle-area restaurants served up luscious dishes at yesterday’s Lamb Jam event, but it was lesser-known Portals at Suncadia Lodge that took home the top prize.
This was the third annual Lamb Jam in Seattle, drawing big crowds as always. Participants were…

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Menu for upcoming Sexy Feast dinner at Spur on 4/5

Here’s the menu for the Sexy Feast event coming up at Spur on April 5. This will be a fun meal, with lots of laughs and a delicious dinner. If you can help spread the word, I’d appreciate it! Or, better yet, join us. More…

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The Pleasures and Perils of Pork at Book Bindery and Lecosho

I’m a bit perplexed about pork right now.
It’s still an incredible ingredient—bacon in the salmon chowder might be the reason that Matt’s in the Market bested Bobby Flay in this week’s Food Network Throwdown. And I wait with bated breath for Seattle’s third annual…

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On the move…

I’ve been reconfiguring my writing responsibilities.
I’m sad to leave Seattlest after four years of food writing there, but am happy to join The SunBreak as food editor, where I’ll be posting about some recent escapes from Seattle and, of course, reporting a bit about…

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Am I out standing in a field?

Too much traveling, too little writing. That’s the story these days. Actually, in addition to the travel, I’m continuing to work on other projects. One is a new camera. I finally bought a DSLR (the Canon X1i), and I can see that there’s going to…

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