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Tokyo Ramen Street’s Rokurinsha Makes A Mean Bowl of Tsukemen Noodles

The last time I was in Tokyo, I didn’t make it to Rokurinsha, one of Tokyo Ramen Street’s most popular restaurants, which is known for its tsukemen, or dipping noodles. This time, however, I vowed not to be denied, and arrived before noon to make…
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Serious Eats: Hakata-Style Yakitori at Tokyo’s Hachibei

Tokyo is loaded with yakitori restaurants, most notably in Yakitori Alley near Shinjuku Station where the smoke-filled, sake and beer-stained holes-in-the-wall rumble with each passing train. Make your way to upscale Roppongi Hills, though, and you'll find an altogether different yakitori experience.
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Serious Eats: Nagi Golden Gai

Charged recently with the responsibility of finding one unique ramen restaurant out of thousands in Tokyo, my research led me to Nagi Golden Gai. It was the style of ramen and the location that attracted me.
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Serious Eats: Tokyo Ramen Street

Eight of the best were invited to open at Tokyo Ramen Street, and the response has been stunning. Here's a look at the food and the overall scene.
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Soujuan Serves a Classy Kaiseki Meal in Tokyo

(Food photos at the end of the post.)When people ask about my recent trip to Japan, I’ve been joking that during my short, eight-day stay, I enjoyed four bowls of ramen and survived one earthquake. Those four bowls of ramen are just scratching the surface…
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To the Land of the Rising Sun, to Eat

I’ve been a bit absent of late, it’s true, but with good reason: I’ve been working hard to hasten my departure to Japan. Akiko’s already there, and I was scheduled to leave Thursday, but I just rebooked my ticket (I have the luxury of flying…
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