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The Top Asian Dumplings in the Seattle Area

I've dipped and devoured my fair share of dumplings to present you with my pick of the best of these doughy delights.
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10 Steamed and Boiled Dumpling Destinations in Seattle

While I consider all dumplings comfort food, there's something especially soothing about a steamed or boiled dumpling. Maybe it's the softer texture, or maybe it's the lighter feeling that makes me feel like I can eat a ton of them.
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The Mein Man: The Everest Kitchen Serves Thukpa from the Top of the World

Dish: Thukpa Place: The Everest Kitchen, Lake Forest Park Price: $7.95 In the bowl: From the menu: “Noodle soup with chicken or vegetables, peas and herbs.” Clarification coming, below. Supporting cast/What to do: You can choose between chicken or vegetables. The latter will be one…
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