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Astoria and A Lot of Peppers (New York, Day 3)

I had a non-food commitment most of my third day in New York, so during the evening we wanted to explore another area close to our base in Flushing. Somewhat randomly, we reached a verdict and headed to Corona for some old-fashioned southern Italian fare…
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What’s Cookin’: Claudio Corallo Chocolate in Ballard

Is Seattle going chocolate crazy? Theo Chocolate is doing chocolate massages, meditations and barbeques. Joule is dipping chicken liver in dark chocolate. There’s even a store called Chocolopolis. Claudio Corallo Chocolate is the newest contributor to the chocolate frenzy. Actually, they’re not so new, but…
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Good to Go: Avocado-Chocolate Bubble Tea

“Wow. Wii!” That’s what we said last time we walked into Pochi Tea Station in the University District. They always had a pile of games (the low-tech Jenga being our favorite), but now there was Wii to go along with the noise of the music…
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I’m in a Chocolate Coma

Today was the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon. Why I chose to eat something sweet (rustic cornmeal custard cake) for brunch at the Boat Street Café immediately beforehand is beyond me. (As is any reasoning why I’m making David Lebovitz’s fresh mint ice cream as I…
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Good to Go: Hiroki’s Sweet, But Not-Too-Sweet, Desserts

Yesterday, a busy afternoon meant missing the Queen Anne Farmers Market for the first time since it opened this year, so without seasonal berries or cherries at hand, the evening’s treat was a stop at Hiroki—the Tangletown bakery near Kisaku, one of my favorite restaurants…
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What’s Cookin’: Seattle Chocolate Salon

We’re still digesting the ample fare from FareStart’s Guest Chef on the Waterfront event, but if you’re a chocoholic (and the new Chocolopolis isn’t quite enough for you), then you might just want to attend this Sunday’s Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon. Let’s break that down.…
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