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Sexy Feast: Juicebox Gets the Juices Flowing, Flavorfully

The world’s going kale crazy.
That’s not a complaint or a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing. These days, kale’s showing up in slaws and Caesar salads, coming crunchy as chips, and even topping some pizzas. It’s truly a superfood, lowering cholesterol, combating…

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Sexy Feast: Dante’s Inferno Dogs Offers a Devilish Sex Lesson about Wieners

Growing up in New York, I knew that Sabrett hot dogs, for me, were the best of the bunch, boiled right at the pushcart until they reached that tell-tale snap at first bite. Then again, at home we ate Hebrew Nationals, delicious when grilled. The…

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Sexy Feast: Kekua: When Perfection Is Too Good to Be True?

As often as I visit new restaurants, it’s rare to have that moment of discovering a heretofore hidden gem. But when it happens, it’s a beautiful moment. Euphoria sets in. There’s love, perhaps even lust, upon falling head over heels about a place that’s just…

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Sexy Feast: Coastal Kitchen and a BLT that Scares the GOP

While The Wandering Goose and Rione XIII have shared the spotlight as the new kids on the block, Capitol Hill’s 20-year-old Coastal Kitchen also sports that “new car smell” after undergoing a four-week remodel. Changes include a new marble-topped oyster bar, mahogany cocktail bar, bamboo…

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Sexy Feast: Mirch Masala Gives a Spicy Lesson about Sex in India

As much as I enjoy Asian cuisine, I rarely crave food from India. I don’t dislike it. In fact, last year, I looked for different takes on Indian food, sampling creative plates at the suave new Shanik, and tasting thalis at Poppy and Travelers. But…

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Sexy Feast: Flapjack Off: What a Pancake Machine Teaches Us About Sex

At Lakedale Resort on San Juan Island, and closer to home at the Alaska Airlines Board Room of Sea-Tac Airport, there’s a pretty magical pancake machine. I haven’t been a frequent flyer with Alaska because of the company’s evangelical ways (they did stop distributing meal…

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First Look (and Sexy Feast!): Shanik

This week, Serious Eats posted my First Look at Shanik. An excerpt:
The food includes “starters” like curried deviled eggs, grilled jackfruit with sour cream chutney, and—yes—samosas (made with potatoes and bell peppers, and served with curried chickpeas). The middle section of the menu features…

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Sexy Feast: Measure at Benaroya Hall Serves Up a Sexual Soundtrack

You might not know about Measure. While it’s not a secret supper club, Measure is open only to Seattle Symphony attendees, with the Wolfgang Puck-branded restaurant opening two hours before showtime at Benaroya Hall. Given the demographics of that particular dining crowd, I doubt you’ll…

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Sexy Feast: Mashiko Will Make You an Eco-Sex Warrior

At first glance, that platter of sushi that Hajime Sato serves you at Mashiko in West Seattle looks like any other. But take a closer look. And listen to the man as he explains what you’re eating. While you won’t find bluefin tuna or unagi…

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Sexy Feast: Rione XIII Serves Up Lobes That Inspire an Earful of Mindful Sexual Advice

Rione XIII in Capitol Hill is the newest of Ethan Stowell’s restaurants, though at the pace he’s pumping them out, it won’t be the newest for long. This one’s a Roman-style trattoria that’s typical of Stowell’s formula of serving food that’s straightforward and fresh. Count…

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