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Rachael Ray Loves Corn (A Little Too Much?)

Aw, shucks. Rachael Ray loves corn. Is this corn porn? We report, you decide. (Ugh. I never thought I’d post anything to do with Rachael Ray, and now I’m reference a Fox “News” slogan!) Check out the video on Huffington Post. Seems like Rachael really…
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Cooking with Balls

Hmm…not quite sure what to say about this new e-cookbook that comes complete with video instructions. Author and Serbian chef Ljubomir Erovic says that testicles have aphrodisiacal qualities. What doesn’t? Also, I find it interesting that his last name is so close to “Erotic.” Are…
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First Dates: Dinner Determining Your Destiny?

No fresh pasta, sea urchin, or kimchi on a first date? No shared plates? Yikes. This Guardian article on how, where, and what to eat for a first date makes a few noteworthy points (like avoiding places with mariachi bands), but it ultimately sounds more…
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