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Why So Much Sex on a Food Blog?

If you’ve stumbled across this site and reached the top of the blog (where this post will stay, for the near future), you’re probably wondering why there’s so much sexual content.
Well, in addition to being a food writer, I’m a sex educator.
And sex…

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Spice, Sex, and Censorship (My Second Censored Story for Edible Seattle)

This is the second article of mine that Edible Seattle‘s publisher censored due to his discomfort with sex, resulting in my departure from the magazine. See the first, and further explanation, here.
Is variety the spice of life?
That’s the question I can’t resist asking…

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My (First) Censored Story for Edible Seattle

Love Every Day
…a chocolatier’s lifelong relationship with the world’s favorite indulgence
Note: This is the uncensored version of the “Hot Plate” article from the January/February 2011 issue of Edible Seattle—my last published piece for the magazine.
This is also my explanation of why I…

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Susur Lee does dessert lust on Top Chef Masters

Another quickie for now.
Yeah, I’ve been watching Top Chef Masters this season, even after all three Seattle chefs fell in their first episodes. I got a kick out of this week’s episode when Susur Lee (who’s a kick himself) made a lust-filled dessert, including…

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We ALL deserve a break today

More connections between sex and food…and more evidence that Europe outpaces the United States in openness and affirmation about sex.…

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Sex, Food, Grum

Another video (by Grum) with sex and food connections. Not quite sure what to make of this one. Good? Bad? What’s the message?…

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Tina Fey and her brownie husband on SNL


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On Penis Festivals and Vibrating Chocolate Bunnies

Sure, Sunday is Easter. But if you’ve ever been in Japan the first Sunday of April, then you might know that April 4 will be Kanamara Matsuri – the Festival of the Steel Phallus.
I’ve had the fortune of attending this festival, held at the…

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Two chefs move fast to fuel a food fantasy (City Arts 2/10)

This month’s inspiration: “Little Red Corvette” by Prince
“On the verge of bein’ obscene” is how Prince describes his babe’s body in this 1982 classic; it’s also an apt description of the song itself. On the surface, “Little Red Corvette” sounds like it’s about a…

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A happy “spanksgiving” weekend

Okay, I simply couldn’t resist posting this picture, which I snapped outside the Lusty Lady while on the way to ART restaurant for a quick visit.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine started with a huge turkey dinner for eight which I won from…

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