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A Sandwich a Day: The Dudewich at Terra Cole in Seattle

A sandwich might be a sandwich, but a Dudewich is more than the sum of its part. Here’s what makes this sloppy joe so special.

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Meet Terra Cole, Purveyor of Meat and More in West Seattle

The showcase glistens with gorgeous rib-eye steaks, smoked turkey wings, and veal bratwursts plus other housemade sausages. But don’t miss out on the deli side of Terra Cole, featuring some fine sandwiches and sides.

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We Eat All 11 Sandwiches at Paseo, in Seattle

Paseo. Mere mention of the word gets my mouth watering. The popular Seattle restaurant, with neighborhood locations in Ballard (outdoor seating only) and Fremont, inevitably has long lines of eager diners. But even before you spot the customers, you’ll likely catch a whiff of caramelized onions and roasted pork wafting down the street.

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Spending Dough for Things on Bread in Seattle

Most of my childhood, for lunch I was saddled with sandwiches, often made with little more than cheap white bread, a smear of Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard, and bad bologna or something called “olive loaf.” As soon as I was old enough to escape sandwiches,…

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Serious Eats: Swinery BLT at The Swinery in Seattle

This week, Serious Eats posted my “A Sandwich a Day” feature about the Swinery BLT at The Swinery in Seattle. An excerpt:
The “B” in BLT stands for belly, as The Swinery makes the sandwich with pork belly. It’s cut considerably thicker than bacon, a…

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Serious Eats: The Founder’s Field Roast at FareStart in Seattle

This week, Serious Eats posted my “A Sandwich a Day” feature about the Founder’s Field Roast at FareStart in Seattle. An excerpt:
Lee later became interested in vegetarian meats, integrating his European culinary background with his fascination for Mien Ching (or “Buddha’s food,” since 7th…

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Sexy Feast: Coastal Kitchen and a BLT that Scares the GOP

While The Wandering Goose and Rione XIII have shared the spotlight as the new kids on the block, Capitol Hill’s 20-year-old Coastal Kitchen also sports that “new car smell” after undergoing a four-week remodel. Changes include a new marble-topped oyster bar, mahogany cocktail bar, bamboo…

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Sexy Feast: Deli Shez Serves Up Some Sexual Gyros

In the midst of a preponderance of pie-eating–which was about to include the Triple Coconut Cream Pie at Dahlia Bakery–I needed something savory to justify the sugar rush ahead of me. Spotting a sandwich board promoting Deli Shez Cafe a block away, I said the…

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Serious Eats: Spicy Pork Sandwich at Dot’s in Seattle

Last week, Serious Eats posted my “A Sandwich a Day” article about the Spicy Pork Sandwich at Dot’s Delicatessen. An excerpt:
Dot’s takes pork loin marinated in jerk seasoning, slices it thin, and tosses it on a grill to cook to a slightly crispy texture.…

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Sexy Feast: Veggie Grill Flashes Some Fake Ones

Vegan power has come to Seattle in the form of Veggie Grill, a restaurant chain headquartered in southern California. Invited to a preview lunch at the new South Lake Union location (University Village opens soon), this carnivore was reluctant to attend, but fell sway to…

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