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Picture This: Bar Sajor, One of My “Best” Picks for the Voracious Dining Guide 2014

The space is pretty and the food is pretty—and pretty delicious, too, from the pickles to the tartines (open-faced sandwiches) to the wood oven-roasted chicken to the desserts. Here’s a picturesque look at my lunch there.

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Asian Eats: Octopus Soup, Late-Night Ramen, and More at Brimmer & Heeltap in Seattle

A protégé of award-winning chefs strikes out on his own with Asian-inspired octopus soup, kabocha buns, a personal spin on ramen, and more.

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A Small Look Inside Ethan Stowell’s Cozy “mkt.”

It’s a jewel-box of a restaurant, a 28-seater so small that staff needs to go outside to get supplies from the walk-in. Dark and intimate, you feel like you’re right in the kitchen with the smells and the sights. Chefs Joe Ritchie and Monica Dimas seem to like it this way, as they’re able to connect with the customers.

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W Seattle Helps Art Institute Students Trace a Path to Success

Left to right: Tom Limberg (W Seattle General Manager), Tiffany Derry, Ernesto Fuentes (scholarship winner), Scott Carnz (AIS Dean of Academic Affairs), Sergio Santillanes (scholarship winner), Elden Monday (AIS President)
A unique culinary collaboration between Trace restaurant at W Seattle and The International Culinary School…

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First Look: The Whale Wins

Yesterday, Serious Eats posted my “First Look” at The Whale Wins. An excerpt:
The Whale Wins can be found in the Fremont Collective along with the relocated Joule restaurant and Evo’s flagship store—selling skis, skates, and snowboards. (Word is that there’s a skate park in…

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Restaurant Zoë Shines During Seattle Restaurant Week

Whenever Seattle Restaurant Week rolls around, I wonder which of the many restaurants I’d like to give a try. This week and next, Sunday through Thursday, there are over 150 restaurants participating. All offer a three-course menu (appetizer entree, and dessert) for $28 (drinks, tax,…

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Serious Eats: Collections Cafe Is a Feast for the Eyes and Mouth in Seattle

This week, Serious Eats also posted my story about Collections Cafe. An excerpt:
“A feast for the eyes” may be an overused expression, but it’s certainly relevant to the new Collections Café at Chihuly Glass and Garden in Seattle. In the shadow of the Space…

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Set Your Sights on Art of the Table

Early last year, I was dining at the counter of a favorite sushi restaurant with a couple of food writers who were seated to my left. The conversation was pretty passionate, as we were bantering about best and worst places to eat in the Seattle…

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Further afield: Russell’s and Salish Lodge

Back in the summer, I was lucky to experience two wonderful meals on successive days, both “in the fields” far from Seattle.
The American Lamb Board sponsored a wonderful dinner at Russell’s in Bothell. A barnful of fabulous chefs were on hand to create dishes…

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Brulee, bellies, and beets at Fresh Bistro

I should have seen it coming.
The folks at Fresh Bistro, the new West Seattle restaurant from Herban Feast, throw fresh into all that they prepare. We took our fresh lemon and vanilla bean-infused Gin & Yang (get it?) drink to our dining room table,…

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