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First Look: Pigging Out at Le Petit Cochon in Seattle

My main memory of a small, second floor space in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle is Showa and specifically its rich, porky tonkotsu ramen. That restaurant has closed (and, sadly, the former chef’s Showa Ramen at Bloom restaurant is nowhere as good as the original),…

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Offal Good: Bitterroot Lets Down This Liver Lover

I’d heard mixed reviews about Bitterroot, one of several restaurants comprising a BBQ boom in Ballard. One item that gets consistently good marks for quality: the Buffalo Fried Chicken Livers ($8). These I simply had to try.
What I love most about eating chicken livers…

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Offal Good: Smoked Elk Tongue at Matt’s in the Market

In last week’s “Offal Good” article, I showcased a liver mousse at LloydMartin that was simply luscious. The week before, in an “unofficial” offal piece, pig’s head was the prime attraction at the new Radiator Whiskey.
Across the hall from Radiator is the iconic Matt’s…

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Offal Good: Chicken Liver Mousse at LloydMartin

It’s been nearly a year since first introducing LloydMartin here, and then later listing the restaurant as one of my new favorites for 2012. Since then, LloydMartin has received numerous other accolades from area publications, and the crowds continue to come to the quaint dining…

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Chino’s in Capitol Hill is Porkcentric and Promising

4/12 update: Sadly, Chino’s menu has gone in the direction opposite of what I desired. “Blood and Guts” and “Menudo de Chino” never made an appearance, and now the pig ear salad is gone. New additions include burritos and rice bowls.
When pig ear salad…

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Andrew Zimmern Bringing His Bizarre Food Beat to Seattle

So just where will Zimmern find freaky food in Seattle? Early word is that he’ll be hitting eateries old and new. In the middle of the week on a day that begins with a “W,” look for Zimmern to be munching on SPAM musubi at Marination Mobile (and maybe checking out other food trucks), and then sucking down ika no shiokara (fermented squid guts) and more delicious delights at Maneki.

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…and Three (+) Pigs in Seattle

Yesterday I posted pictures of pig-filled plates outside of Seattle, and promised you local options. Here they are. Most are Asian, with appreciation of the utilization of as much of the animal as possible. Pictured above is bopis, which is a spicy and vinegary saute…

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Three Little Pigs Outside of Seattle…

Cochon 555 brought five pigs to Seattle in February, but that simply wasn’t enough pork for this roving food writer. In the past month or so, I had a chance to pig out at some notorious, pork-loving restaurants outside of our fine city. My favorite…

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The Mein Man: Thin Noodles and Big Pork Pieces at Mike’s Noodle House

Dish: Combo Noodle Soup (#21)
Place: Mike’s Noodle House, International District, Seattle
Price: $7.30 (large)
In the bowl: Your choice of noodles, plus liver, kidney, stomach, and other pork pieces in a fish and pork broth with sliced green onions.
Supporting cast: A bowl with…

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The Mein Man: Hoang Lan, Bun Bo Hue, and Pork Blood Cake

Dish: Bun Bo Hue
Place: Hoang Lan, Rainier Valley, Seattle
Price: $7.00 (tax included)
In the bowl: From the menu: “Vermicelli with pork hock, pork blood cake, beef tendon in hot and spicy soup.” There are also slices of onion in the soup, along with…

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