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Miyabi 45th Turns (Devilishly) Onibaba Ramen

Seattle’s soba maker starts making ramen. And sets the bar high in the process.

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On the Tonkotsu Ramen Trail: From Its Birthplace in Fukuoka to the Boom in Bellevue and Seattle

After a tonkotsu ramen immersion in Fukuoka (and Tokyo), I return to Seattle to try three new restaurants serving the same style of ramen here. One is great, one is good…and one is a flop.

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What’s Wrong with Ramen in Seattle? It’s Wramen.

If you’re trying to make authentic Japanese ramen, continue to call it by its original name: ramen. But if you’re not trying to be authentic, then let’s call your creation something new: Wramen.

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Two New(ish) Ramens Worth Slurping in Seattle’s Other Japantown

4649 Restaurant and Ramen Man are steps apart from each other, but each one brings its own distinct style to the bourgeoning Wallingford Japantown.

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Special-Occasion Soba Noodles for the New Year at Miyabi 45th in Seattle

Mutsuko Soma makes noodles daily in traditional fashion, using a rolling pin and a soba knife. These fresh noodles find their way on the menu in many interesting incarnations.

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An Updated Guide to Seattle Ramen, in 6 Bowls

There’s a ramen boom in Seattle, with noodle pop-ups, new restaurants serving ramen, old restaurants jumping on the bandwagon, and even ramen at a farmers market. (On top of all this, several more ramen joints are due to open in the Seattle area this fall.)…

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First Look: TanakaSan Tackles Contemporary American Asian Food in Seattle

TanakaSan. The name pays tribute to owner Tom Douglas’ faithful sidekick through innumerable restaurant openings and culinary projects: executive chef Eric Tanaka. The menu pays tribute to Tanaka’s background as a Japanese-American who grew up in Los Angeles eating a diversity of food. Tanaka says…

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Ramen by the Numbers on 45th in Wallingford

Fresh from my eleventh trip to Japan, I’m remaining vigilant in my ramen watch for Seattle. There have been numerous changes since my comprehensive critique of our ramen scene in 2011, many of those changes happening on the north side of the city.
Taichi Kitamura…

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The Mein Man: Bitter Noodles at Happy Times Bistro

Dish: Bitter Melon Beef Chow Fun
Place: Happy Times Bistro, International District
Price: $7.50
On the plate:Pan-fried noodles with slices of beef, bitter melon, green onions, mushrooms, carrots, and black bean sauce.
Supporting cast/What to do: Your main decision with this mein dish is what…

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The Mein Man: Something’s Fishy about the Kao Boon Bha at Savatdee

Dish: Khao Boon Bha
Place: Savatdee, University District
Price: $10.00
In the bowl and on the plate: From the menu: “Traditional Lao fish soup. Slow cooked catfish in coconut milk, galangal, lemon grass and kaffir leaves. Served with noodles and topped with shredded carrots, cabbage…

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