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Seattle, Here’s Some Meat and Bread

The Seattle food community was quite abuzz last week with the announcement that Vancouver’s Meat & Bread is opening shop in Capitol Hill. It’s got me thinking about some recent meat on bread meals I’ve had around town lately.

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Chino’s in Capitol Hill is Porkcentric and Promising

4/12 update: Sadly, Chino’s menu has gone in the direction opposite of what I desired. “Blood and Guts” and “Menudo de Chino” never made an appearance, and now the pig ear salad is gone. New additions include burritos and rice bowls.
When pig ear salad…

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Sexy Feast: Pecado Bueno Wants You Hot and Bothered…with Your Permission

Across from the Fremont Abbey, appropriately enough, is a Mexican restaurant with a name that translates to “Sin Well”: Pecado Bueno.
Sin well you will when tempted by a “fire and ice” experience at this new outpost from a co-founder of Taco del Mar. The…

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Sexy Feast: “Bi-Location” Mexican Restaurant Offers Lots to Love

Last week brought the opening of Mezcaleria Oaxaca, La Carta de Oaxaca’s new sister restaurant in Queen Anne. Excited to see more diverse (and quality) dining options at the top of the hill, I was excited to check it out.
The menu starts simple enough…

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Sexy Feast: Grasshoppers Inspire a New Kama Sutra at Poquitos

Last week, I reported on Milagro Cantina in Kirkland, paying particular attention to its avocado dishes (and what they tell us about how old you have to be to have sex).
This week, Poquitos, another new Mexican restaurant, opened in Capitol Hill. The guacamole was…

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Sexy Feast: Milagro Cantina’s Avocados and the Age of Consent

Recently, I went to Milagro Cantina in Kirkland to enjoy a Mexican feast, consisting of quesadillas, ceviche, chiles rellenos, clams steamed in Victoria Modelo beer, soups, enchiladas, and a refreshing favorite: jicama y sandia con pina y pepino (watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, jicama, lime, cilantro, and…

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Malena’s makes good Mexican food

When I moved to Seattle ten years ago, I found comfort in Malena’s Taco Shop—about the only hole-in-the-wall on upper Queen Anne. A basket of chips and some bright salsa to start, and there are a wide variety of burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and other dishes…

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Dishin': Tacos at the El Camion Taco Truck

We’re still remembering (and likely digesting) all the great food we ate in Portland recently. Look for a report on that soon. We hit too many restaurants in too few days, failing to leave stomach space to sample from the incredible number of food carts…

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Biting my tongue at Rancho Bravo

When I’m seeking a snack, especially on the outskirts of Seattle, I’m often happy to have the option of a taco truck handy. The food is quick, cheap and flavorful.
And I’m obviously not alone in my appreciation of the taco truck. Rancho Bravo has…

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Churros, chilaquiles, and more at Barrio

Es verdad. I didn’t have high hopes for Barrio, especially as I’d eaten at the sister restaurant the night before, and wasn’t wowed. (Purple Cafe is perhaps a good drinking place, but even upon a return visit, the food was disappointing—especially the pork belly, which…

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