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Animal in Los Angeles Gives Me Heart and Has My Heart

Los Angeles. Animal. Los Angeles. Animal. I’d been itching for a long time for a chance to get back to Los Angeles and make a first visit to Animal. Organ meats, interesting ingredient combinations, and bold flavors made this a restaurant that’s right up my…
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Sugar Rush: Chocolate Banana Danish at Amandine Cafe in Los Angeles

At Amandine Cafe in Lost Angeles, I found Chocolate Banana Danishes ($2.65) stacked like a row of fallen dominoes nestled between some rather unappealing croissants. The positioning turned out to be appropriate, as the isosceles triangle-shaped pastries are made from croissant dough. A side view…
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Sugar Rush: Flourless Lemon Custard Cake at The Sycamore Kitchen in Los Angeles

It's a true butter-fest as the tangy butteriness of the curd complements the sweet butteriness of the cake.
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