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Cuochi (Including Cuoco’s) Return for Seattle Restaurant Week

“Cuoco” is the Italian word for “cook.” Right now, at any given time during Seattle Restaurant Week, there are over 160 cuochi at the ready to try to please your palate during the promotion. You actually have a little more than a week to participate,…

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Sexy Feast: Rione XIII Serves Up Lobes That Inspire an Earful of Mindful Sexual Advice

Rione XIII in Capitol Hill is the newest of Ethan Stowell’s restaurants, though at the pace he’s pumping them out, it won’t be the newest for long. This one’s a Roman-style trattoria that’s typical of Stowell’s formula of serving food that’s straightforward and fresh. Count…

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Sexy Feast: Bisato and Its Blini of Red Beet Makes Us Blush

I never got to eat at Scott Carsberg’s Lampreia, so I absolutely jumped on a recent chance to try Bisato. I’d heard that the dishes are artistic masterpieces, and while that’s true, there’s a high price of admission for somewhat small works. And since eating…

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Sexy Feast: La Vita e Bella Smells Like Teen Spirit of the Sexual Kind

It had been about ten years since my last visit to La Vita e Bella in Belltown. Back then I ate pizza, which I recall being decent, though I don’t think it would compare to the quality of what you can find elsewhere in Seattle…

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Sexy Feast: Queen Margherita Makes a Delightful Date

Queen Margherita in Magnolia is the kind of neighborhood place where everybody knows your name.
It’s also a restaurant where workers take pride in their pizza-making. The Caputo flour, silk to the touch, is imported from Italy. Pies are carefully handcrafted, dispatched to the wood-burning…

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Sexy Feast: Il Corvo’s Pasta Is Almost Bursting with Pleasure

One of Seattle’s hottest new restaurants is hiding…in a gelato shop. And even if you know where Il Corvo is (inside Procopio, steps down from Western Avenue behind Pike Place Market, below Kasala furniture store), you’ll have to find a way to get there during…

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Sexy Feast: A Broken Heart Isn’t So Bad at Altura

I can think of younger days…when eating like I do would have been unimaginable. As a kid, I was a bit fussy. I actually hated the texture of lasagna.
Now I’m in Capitol Hill at Altura, where Nathan Lockwood serves up seasonal Italian cuisine in…

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Passport to Pleasure: Hungry Like the Wolf in Upper Queen Anne

Welcome to the first installment of my newest feature: Passport to Pleasure. As a food writer and sex educator, I’ll share hedonistic ideas for couples visiting various Seattle neighborhoods and more distant destinations. What’s ideal to a food writer and sex educator, you ask? With…

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Sexy Feast: Picking Up the Pieces at The Pink Door

After my “bento box of pleasure” at Chiso, I managed to squeeze in a second lunch during last month’s Seattle Restaurant Week. The Pink Door has been sitting atop Urbanspoon’s “Best Fine Dining” list for Seattle for so long, and yet I’d never dined there.…

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Sexy Feast: The Aqua Erotic World of Risotto at Cafe Juanita

It may not be the most photogenic dish, but trust me: Holly Smith’s risotto is sexy.
The latest version I had at Smith’s Cafe Juanita was Barbera risotto with Asiago, featuring a fabulous brodo and red wine syrup–and showcasing stringy Asiago DOP (Denominazione di origine…

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