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Queen’s Deli Soothes with Soup and Heals Issues

Queen’s Deli is a perplexing place.
First there’s the question of whether it’s in Seattle. The address shows Seattle, but it’s actually in White Center.
This Cambodian deli is like the Vietnamese delis in Seattle’s Little Saigon, with some items in steamer trays and some…

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Born to Eat Bone Soup

It’s not on the menu, but for four bucks, you gotta give this a try.
I was on assignment last visit to Phnom Penh Noodle House, so I didn’t get to try the legendary bone soup. The server smiled when I placed my order, as…

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The Mein Man: Slip Sliding Noodles at Phnom Penh

Dish: Goo Nam Noodle
Place: Phnom Penh Noodle House, International District, Seattle
Price: $6.50

In the Bowl: Per the menu: “Cambodian spiced beef stew and tendon served with wide rice noodles.”
Supporting Cast: A plate of bean sprouts (they’ll ask if you want them raw…

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Dishin’: Laab, #83a (yes, the one with tripe)

North of Seattle, in Lynnwood, is the restaurant Kirirom. Lurking low in the shadows of the big box stores, the chain restaurants, and the Alderwood Mall, Kirirom means “mountain of joy” and is a national park in Cambodia.
Perusing the picturesque menu, we really wanted…

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