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Testing and Tasting Some Ethically Credible, Happily Edible Eggs

The eggs come from “girls” gone wild: hens from Vital’s 50+ farms around the country that are released from their coops each morning to run free on 108 square feet of pasture per bird. With rich-colored yolks, they look great. And the taste?

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Brunch at RockCreek and a Tip on Vif

I’ve never been a big brunch-goer. Some might argue that I’m anti-social, but the big issue is that I don’t like to wait in line for batter-based dishes that I can easily make at home.
So the first thing that makes the new RockCreek restaurant…

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Hangover Helper: “The Hangover” at Meander’s Kitchen in White Center, WA

This weekend, Serious Eats posted my “Hangover Helper” article about “The Hangover” at Meander’s Kitchen in White Center. An excerpt:
The Hangover ($9.50) is just what the carb doctor ordered: “a double order of crispy browns topped with homemade sausage gravy.” Additional protein comes from…

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Sexy Feast: Terra Plata Gives a Taste of Tumescence

At Terra Plata in Capitol Hill, I knew my brunch pick as soon as I spotted it on the menu: green chili pork. After all, chef Tamara Murphy has a way with all things pork. At her previous restaurant Brasa, I enjoyed pork rillettes, pizzetta…

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Carnivore’s Hash at Hunger, Seattle

Saturday, Serious Eats posted my “Hangover Helper” feature on Hunger. An excerpt:
Sweep aside the greens, and you get to the good stuff below. Yes, there are potatoes, but behold a bit of a meat extravaganza, with braised wild boar, house-made sausage, and bacon strewn…

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Serious Eats: Torrija Andaluza at Harvest Vine in Seattle (Hangover Helper)

Last week, Serious Eats posted my “Hangover Helper” article about Torrija Andaluza at Harvest Vine. An excerpt:
I want to eat the [small hockey puck of foie gras] butter on its own, but fight temptation and spread some on my toast, then drag a biteful…

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Sexy Feast: Sex Fetishes Find Normalcy at Oddfellows

I admit it: I’m a bit of an odd fellow. How many people do you know who are both food writers and sex educators?
On the food writing side, it’s admittedly odd that I’d never been to Oddfellows. Not until last weekend, that is, when…

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Sexy Feast: Anytime’s the Right Time for Dutch, Baby

Dutch, baby! That’s what I wanted to scream when my partner and I met up with friends for brunch last weekend at Tilikum Place Café.
This hidden gem in the shadow of the Space Needle offers two types of Dutch babies. The sweet offering was…

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Brunch at Fresh Bistro, less the Cracker Jack box

Obviously, I’m brutally backed up (aside from my Sound/City Arts reports) on my restaurant write-ups. So let’s start with a morning meal. Over the summer (remember summer?), I returned to Fresh Bistro (having previously discussed their brulee, bellies and beets) to sample a few of…

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Congee is a brunch surprise at Dahlia Lounge

“Yeah, right.”
That’s what I said when I heard that Dahlia Lounge was cooking up congee for brunch.
Monkey bread? Makes sense. Eggs Benedict? Elegant. But congee? Can it be any good?
In a word: Yes. I often complain about the quality of Chinese food…

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