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You’ll Find Solid Japanese-Inspired Sweets at Fresh Flours in Seattle

Matcha, azuki, black sesame, ginger, and satsuma imo (sweet potato) are among the Japanese ingredients you’ll find in use at Fresh Flours bakery in Seattle. Enjoy them in such treats at the Green Tea & Azuki Red Bean Pound Cake.

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Exploring Asian Sweets in the ID: How to learn to love—or at least try—Asian desserts

As a non-Asian who’s slowly come to appreciate many, but not yet all, Asian sweets, I’ve often wondered what makes them less appealing to Westerners. What better way to figure it out than to sample a good swath of sweets from Seattle’s International District?

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What To Try at the Newly Reopened Fuji Bakery, Seattle

Fuji Bakery is back in business after a long absence that was largely due to the loss of Taka Hirai, their esteemed baker who previously worked as a pastry chef with Joël Robuchon. This much-beloved Japanese bakery first opened in Bellevue in 2009, later adding…

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3 Things to Try if You Make it to the Front of the Line at Coyle’s Bakeshop, Seattle

Opening just one day per month is one way to build demand for a budding bakery business, but success isn’t ultimately possible without offering quality. Rachael Coyle, former pastry chef at Seattle’s Le Pichet, serves up such quality at her monthly pop-up Coyle’s Bakeshop. Coyle…

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10 Terrific Pastries to Try in Seattle

It’s 5,000 miles from Seattle to Paris as the crow flies. Despite the distance, the Emerald City is shining proudly in the area of pastries—good news for those who can’t quite cross the Atlantic for the real thing.
The most ubiquitous pastry round these parts…

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Serious Eats: What Pastries to Eat at Honoré Artisan Bakery

This week, Serious Eats posted my roundup of pastries to try at Honoré Artisan Bakery in Seattle. An excerpt:
Honoré has a unique style—the pastries tend to have a darker color, more crackly texture, and noticable caramelization. In fact, salt and caramel are prominent here;…

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8 Places To Buy Your Holiday Pies In Seattle

Yesterday, Serious Eats posted my tips on where to buy your holiday pies. An excerpt:
Oh, it’s nice to bake a pie, especially with so many seasonal ingredients in the offing, but sometimes there’s no time for such tasks, which makes the convenience of pie…

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What To Eat At Cafe Besalu In Seattle

Yesterday, Serious Eats posted my roundup of pastries at Cafe Besalu. An excerpt:
In a post about great Seattle pastries that I did back in July, I mentioned that Cafe Besalu has been a consistent favorite for best croissant in the city. And while it…

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What to Eat at Bakery Nouveau in Seattle

Yesterday, Serious Eats posted my roundup of pastries at Bakery Nouveau. An excerpt:
The bread or chocolate alone are well worth a visit to Bakery Nouveau, but there’s no denying the pastries. This bakery is especially known for its Twice-Baked Almond Croissant, so that’s an…

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Serious Eats: Mont Blanc at Café de Lion in Seattle

Yesterday, Serious Eats posted my “Sugar Rush” article about the Mont Blanc at Café de Lion. An excerpt:
As if the cakes and other confections don’t sell out quickly enough at Café de Lion, a little “boutique” bakery at the top of Queen Anne in…

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