Quick Bites: Viet Taste in Salisbury, MD

Viet Taste exterior

Snow was not something I was expecting during my brief overnight visit to Salisbury, Maryland. It simply wasn’t in the forecast. So I was mightily surprised when I pulled into my parking space (in my rental Fiat!) at Viet Taste and the sky suddenly turned grey and the snow starting falling down quite heavily.

Viet Taste pho

Not that I needed wintry weather as an excuse to eat pho, of course! I’d normally choose the all-inclusive “Super Bowl,” but as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really a fan of the Vietnamese meatballs. I like the texture of tripe, though, so “P3” gave me that along with eye round and well-done flank. The broth here was actually pretty decent, and I was happily surprised to see Thai basil on the accompanying plate. Am I remembering right that there are fresh herbs growing at the entrance?

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