Picture This: Sunday Supper at Cafe Munir

Cafe Munir chicken

One of the best bargains in town is the Sunday supper at Cafe Munir in Ballard. While Mamnoon has that Capitol Hill glitzy thing going for it, Cafe Munir is much more casual and homey, especially on Sunday evenings when food comes to the table family-style. The price has gone up a bit, but for $25 per person, you get a wide variety of colorful and flavorful food. The corkage fee is also reasonable if you want to bring your own wine.

From hummus to beets and lebneh to tabbouleh to shish taouk (chicken breast skewers), here’s a look at a recent dinner I enjoyed at Cafe Munir.

Cafe Munir pita Cafe Munir beets Cafe Munir white dipCafe Munir pink 3702Cafe Munir tomatoes Cafe Munir tabbouleh Cafe Munir potatoes Cafe Munir onions Cafe Munir mezze Cafe Munir kale Cafe Munir eggplant Cafe Munir dessert 1Cafe Munir dessert 2

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