First Look: My Sweet Lil Cakes

This week, Serious Eats posted my “First Look” article about My Sweet Little Cakes in Seattle. An excerpt:

She’s passionate about food and proud of her Puerto Rican lineage. He’s passionate about people and a former concierge at some of Seattle’s finest hotels. Together, Sheena Lee Fuson and Jesse Lee Marshall make a cute couple, dressing as soda jerks and selling sweet (and savory) pancakes on sticks out of a tangerine-colored mobile kitchen….

The pancakes are cooked to order, taking about five minutes to appear and starting at five dollars apiece. Many have matching sauces for dipping, making them an interactive eating experience. Flavor combinations are interesting, ranging from a savory Cornbread, Cheddar, Jalapeno & Cilantro to a sweet Green Apple & Caramel with Pecans.

These pancakes are a snack or meal to go, albeit a little challenging to eat, as you can’t easily slide the food along the stick. Sheena and Jesse say that’s alright, as you can eat it like it’s corn on the cob. Their positive and playful attitude makes My Sweet Lil Cakes a carnival of fun and a funhouse of friendliness.

For more information about this food truck, check out the Serious Eats story, here.

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