Flourless Chocolate Cake at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, Miami

Today, Serious Eats posted my “Sugar Rush” article about the Flourless Chocolate Cake at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami. (Hedy Goldsmith, the pastry chef, has again been nominated for a James Beard award as best pastry chef.) An excerpt:

I decided to go with the Flourless Chocolate Cake ($10). On the surface, this sounds like a throwback to the 1980s, but what sold me was the server’s description of the olive oil sorbet topping and salted caramel drizzle, both of which I knew would elevate the dessert.

The extras weren’t entirely necessary, as the cake itself was moist and rich and packed with chocolate punch. The intensity of the chocolate, though, provided the perfect platform for the slightly nutty, slightly savory flavor of the scoop of olive oil sorbet. As for the drizzle of salted caramel? It was actually a pool of caramel at the bottom of the bowl, irresistible in its twofer offering of savory and sweet, with the saltiness spiking up the chocolate in the cake. Three basic components, so seemingly simple, but a fun dessert with big flavor—and reasonably called a classic.

For more information about the dessert and Goldsmith, check out the Serious Eats story, here.

For a look at my overall experience at Michael’s Genuine, and what I hope was a genuinely off-night, check out my report, here.

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