A Coffee Makeover Makes Mornings Magical

Yesterday, Serious Eats posted my first-ever article about coffee, specifically my recent coffee makeover. An excerpt:

With a house full of candy-grabbing kids, my parents knew they could safely leave one dish of candy out on the appropriately named coffee table: Coffee Nips. Oh, I loved the smell of coffee brewing, but somewhere along the line I’d had a sip of the stuff and become forever squeamish about coffee flavors—in candy, ice cream, and anywhere else…

…I’ve come to simply relish this part of my mornings. I like the hands-on approach of my new pourover process: it’s a full sensory experience. I enjoy the feel of the beans in my hand, like Amélie dipping her hand into sacks of grains. I like turning the handle of the grinder and feeling the burrs do their work, watching as the beans drop and fall. Those beans smell good in the bag, but even better when I open the wooden drawer and inhale the grounds. I like the quiet moment as the coffee grounds bloom in the cone, as I stop thinking about anything else to watch and listen as the liquid drips into the server.

Not lost in the process is the taste. Now that a corner of my kitchen looks like a mini-barista station, the quality of my coffee has improved immensely. I’m enjoying a growing appreciation for the richness of coffee, and the richness of a new meditative ritual that grounds (get it?) me in my life.

For a closer look at the new equipment, a pre-makeover photo, and all of the text in between the sneak peek above, check out the Serious Eats story, here.

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