Sexy Feast: Terra Plata Gives a Taste of Tumescence

At Terra Plata in Capitol Hill, I knew my brunch pick as soon as I spotted it on the menu: green chili pork. After all, chef Tamara Murphy has a way with all things pork. At her previous restaurant Brasa, I enjoyed pork rillettes, pizzetta with proscuitto, porky paella, and some amazing pork belly dishes. All this from a woman who reveres pigs, having written about the raising of piglets to eventual slaughter in her Life of a Pig blog.

The green chili pork was a perfect choice. I’m not a starch-hound when hunting for brunch items, so French toast and home fries hold less appeal for me than others. Instead, I was diving into a generous bowl of pork spiked with some of my favorite ingredients like tomatillos, jalapeños, and poblanos, giving the dish spicy brightness. Hominy provided a little “pork and beans” feel. Naturally, I added a nice poached egg on top, and barely had need for the accompanying corn tortillas to enjoy the meal.

So what does Terra Plata’s Palace green chili pork teach us about sex?

It’s all about engorgement.

I always seem to have a hankering for hominy when it’s available. To make hominy, you soak kernels of corn in an alkali solution of either lime or lye. This results in removal of the hull and germ of the corn, and causes the grain itself to puff up. Now about twice its normal size, you can grind the hominy, or cook it until soft, as in Terra Plata’s green chili pork. Exciting stuff.

Excitement is what leads to the engorgement of certain body parts during sexual play. For men, engorgement of the penis with blood leads to an erection. For women, the nipples, labia, vaginal walls, and clitoris can become engorged upon arousal. Should one of those “engorged” men have penile-vaginal intercourse with one of those “engorged” women, there’s the chance of pregnancy, which would lead the woman to have engorged breasts due to the storage of breast milk.

That’s a wonderful thing when wanted. But beware of genital swelling. Unwanted or unexpected growth in the penis, scrotum, vaginal, and vulvar areas can be the result of things like bites, burns, and blood flow problems. Be sure to consult a medical professional anytime you have any concerns.

Otherwise, engorgement is a good thing. Though note that if you partake of too much of Terra Plata’s pleasurable food, your stomach engorgement may be a short-term impediment to sexual engorgement.

First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on November 8, 2012.

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