Serious Eats: Sweet Thali for Two at Poppy

Earlier this week, Serious Eats posted my “Sugar Rush” article about the Sweet Thali for Two at Poppy. An excerpt:

The centerpiece of the thali is your choice of one of the always-changing ice cream flavors. Apricot chamomile frozen yogurt and pandan lime sorbet were tempting, but I couldn’t resist a green apple sorbet. It was terrifically tart with strips of shiso contributing minty earthiness. You also get to pick a major item from the main dessert section of the menu. After agonizing over choices like chocolate truffle torte with apricot, jasmine, and sesame, as well as fresh raspberry brûlée with lemon-verbena sabayon, I tapped into my love of licorice-like notes and went with anise hyssop panna cotta. It was a bowl of silken comfort, with big-as-they-come local blackberries.

For more information about this delicious dish, check out the Serious Eats story, here.



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