Serious Eats: Spicy Pork Sandwich at Dot’s in Seattle


With Paseo essentially across the street and serving some of the best pork sandwiches in Seattle, it’s pretty much a pig throwdown with Dot’s Delicatessen offering up its Spicy Pork Sandwich ($9) as an alternative.

Dot’s takes pork loin marinated in jerk seasoning, slices it thin, and tosses it on a grill to cook to a slightly crispy texture. Thrown in a grilled herb roll from Macrina Bakery, the pork and house pickles form a perfect marriage, the vinegar countering the slight spiciness of the meat slices. Gruyere cheese melts into the bread and mellows things a bit as well, though each bite brings just enough heat to satisfy even serious chile-heads. With just three ingredients inside, Dot’s sandwich is simple and satisfying, and while ultimately less compelling than Paseo’s Cuban Roast, it’s generally available without a long wait, or worry that they’ll run out.

Plus, at Dot’s, you can order pate, sausages, terrines, salumi and more to make your own sandwiches at home. So while Paseo may win the pork sandwich throwdown, Dot’s definitely can offer longer-term pork pleasure.

(Originally published at Serious Eats on September 28.)

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