Sexy Feast: Tokyo Dog Helps Wieners Meet Buns

tokyodog-640-8997A stroll through last weekend’s Dragon Fest in the Chinatown-International District gave me a first opportunity to try the Tokyo Dog food truck. Recall that last year, Gourmet Dog Japon’s takoyaki-like Kabuki dog taught us a lesson about dressed wieners.

At Tokyo Dog, the common feature on the three Japanese dogs is the butter teriyaki grilled onions, which I found to be a little on the sweet side. The namesake Tokyo Dog is a smoked cheese bratwurst with bacon bits, furikake, tonkatsu sauce, and Japanese mayo, while the Ginza Dog is a regular brat with plum sauce and bonito flakes. I opted for the Shibuya Dog, which is an all-beef frank with teriyaki sauce, miso mayo, and nori (which starts fresher and crisper than what you’re seeing in this photo). There’s nice snap to the meat, a really good bun, and decent toppings–though the dog’s a little steep at seven bucks.

So what does Tokyo Dog’s Shibuya Dog teach us about sex?

It’s all about appreciating man’s best friend, especially as a potential wingman for sex.

Ask Japanese people what comes to mind when they hear “Shibuya Dog,” and they’ll all say “Hachiko.” As do I.

Hachiko was the faithful Akita dog who greeted his owner at the end of each work day at Shibuya Station in Tokyo. In 1925, after his owner died and failed to return, Hachiko waited loyally at the station for him every day for nine years.

No wonder we refer to a dog as man’s best friend.

(There is now an official “Hachiko Entrance/Exit at Shibuya Station, with a statue of the dog outside, serving as a popular waiting and meeting place. I have stood at that spot many times, waiting for friends.)

Men, especially those who are shy, can cash in on their dogs’ love and loyalty by using them to meet potential partners. Walking a dog gets you out, gives you exercise to get fitter, makes you look responsible, breaks the ice in meeting others, and helps you find like-minded people. I’ve even seen articles, like this one, describing which dogs are the best wingmen.

lost and foundAnd if you’re still unconvinced that a dog can bring two people together into a sexual relationship, you can turn to, of all places, porn. Last year I wrote about New Sensations’ Romance Series (specifically Recipe for Romance, a film that happens to intertwine sex and food), which has female and couples appeal by balancing love and passion with hardcore sex. If you want a lesson in “puppy love,” check out Lost and Found, a romantic story in which a cute little doggie brings together a man and a woman in dramatic fashion.

Man’s best friend, indeed. Hot dog!

(New Sensations has just announced a spin-off to the Romance Series. Called Couples, it “will address real-life issues couples face after the honeymoon is over.” The first release, titled Torn, is due out at the end of August.)

First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on July 19, 2012.

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