Sexy Feast: Far Eats and the Kama Sutra of the Mango

far_eats_dessert_640_6760At the newly opened Far Eats in Belltown, my dinner started innocently enough with a Mango Lassi. Soon came an onslaught of dishes that my group enjoyed, including Mango Prawns somewhere in the middle, until at long last it was time for dessert. We went with our server’s (and the menu’s) recommendation: Mango Cheesecake.

With no idea what to expect, I can report that it was a fine dinner. The Mango Lassi, presented in a wine glass, was an enjoyably refreshing sip to start, though note it can add to the richness of the meal if you’re going to eat a lot. The Mango Prawns were a delightful surprise, with the natural sweetness and meatiness of the jumbo prawns a good canvas for a glaze of mango chutney. And the dessert was lighter than expected, with mango and ginger blended in with the cheese, making the cheesecake a unique and delicious way to end the dinner.

So what does my meal at Far Eats teach us about sex?

It’s all about “The Mango.”

Sometimes I say that all I really need to know about sex I can learn from the Kama Sutra and Seinfeld.

At Far Eats, the mango cheesecake, for one, is made with Alphonso mangoes. These mangoes take my mind to India, as they’re grown in the western part of that country–which is also home to the Kama Sutra. This ancient text talks about many aspects of life, though most people know only about the parts that address sexual pleasure. And as sex-positive as the Kama Sutra may seem, there’s actually an aversion to oral sex, though author Vatsyayana acknowledges that men enjoy fellatio and instructs women how to do what he calls “sucking the mango.” (Check the Kama Sutra, though, for what kind of women men should seek for this service, and for his acknowledgement that men sometimes suck the mangoes of women and other men.)

Perhaps my favorite Seinfeld episode, “The Mango,” addresses the mysteries of sex. In the opening scene, after Jerry and George conclude that “tub is love,” they talk about the challenge of female sexuality and bringing women to orgasm. When George confesses lack of confidence about what he’s doing “below the equator,” Jerry asserts: “Nobody does. You know, nobody knows what to do. You just close your eyes and you hope for the best. I really think they’re happy if you just make an effort.”

After calling women’s genitalia “a hazy mystery,” Jerry soon learns that Elaine faked orgasm with him all the time. The show goes on with the cast of characters dealing with the female orgasm issue. George states it best when he says “I wish I could get a lesson in that,” and eventually gains strength and confidence…after he eats a mango.

In sex, and at Far Eats, look to the mango for life’s lessons about pleasure.



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