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Bo Ramen Brings New Noodle Options to Seattle

On the heels of my return from Tokyo, where I restrained myself in only eating four bowls of ramen in eight days, I’m excited to see Seattle’s ramen scene on the rise. We’re not likely to see certain items like niboshi (dried sardine) broth in…

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Beyond Seattle: Back to Portland, Where Rothko and Restaurants Rule the Days

Racing around to Portland restaurants has become an annual June ritual of late, but with a rare Rothko exhibit in town until May, my partner and I were rarin’ to go to the Rose City sooner than usual this year.
Outings to the Portland Art…

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Sexy Feast: Kisaku Will Make You Want to Swallow

I’m endlessly asked to recommend the best sushi restaurant in Seattle. Along with Sushi Kappo Tamura (featured in a previous Sexy Feast about head), I heartily recommend Kisaku in Tangletown. The fish is fabulous, there’s a neighborhood feeling, and the quality to price is probably…

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The Mein Man: LA Café Confounds with Its Noodles and More

Dish: “Salted fish w/chicken in vermicelli & rice sticker”
Place: LA Café, International District
Price: $8.99
On the plate: Two types of noodles, which require a close inspection to see. Onions, green onions, carrots, bean sprouts. Shrimp, which are presumably not the intended salted fish,…

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Sexy Feast: Roxy’s Diner Serves Up “the Most Sensual of All the Salted Cured Meats”

What I miss from New York: choices of subway lines, reliably aggressive driving, and attitude. Food-wise, I miss pizza, bagels, and bialys. And good delis. Oh, we have some amazing sandwich shops in Seattle, like Paseo and Salumi. But I’d gladly trade a few of…

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Hilton Unveils a New Breakfast Menu (and Lunch Extras)

Last month I stayed at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower Club, as mentioned in this fuller piece about my fuller Portland experience.
When I’m on the lecture circuit (i.e., business travel), I’m loyal to the Hilton family of hotels. My number of stays earns…

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The Mein Man: Bamboo Garden’s Dan Dan Noodles Are Hot Hot

Dish: Cheng Du Dan Dan Noodle
Place: Bamboo Garden, Bellevue
Price: $6.95
In the bowl: You’ll see slightly yellowish egg noodles topped with little bits of ground pork and thin slices of green onion. The chili sauce is at the bottom of the bowl.

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Sexy Feast: Spatulas at Koral Stir Up a Sexual Frenzy

Koral Bar & Kitchen in Bellevue calls itself a “New American Kitchen,” serving regional American cuisine–comfort food favorites and a few upscale dishes–in an atmosphere more casual than sister restaurant Pearl. After trying pan-fried trout, roasted beets with arugula, tuna crudo, Penn Cove mussels, roasted…

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The Mein Man: Bamboo Garden Keeps It Kosher in Queen Anne

Dish: Gourmet Chow Mein (Lo Mein)
Place: Bamboo Garden, Queen Anne
Price: $8.95
On the plate: Per the menu: “pan-fried thin noodles with mixed vegetables, sausage, and chicken.” That description will warrant further explanation.
Supporting cast/What to do: Dig in. There’s no option for spice…

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Mutsuko Soma Serves Up Soba as Part of a Pop-Up

With food trucks a-travelin’ and pop-up restaurants a-poppin’, a lot of people are talking about different dining options these days. As for me, I like the idea of kitchens cooking just about any time and any place. Preferably preparing anything interesting.
Just over a month…

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