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Sexy Feast: Le Rêve’s Croissants and the Ooh La La of Sexual Cravings

As we finish the month of March, I’m finishing my series of sexy small treats, which has turned out to be quite international. Recall that Sexy Feast sampled dill scones from Macrina Bakery, sponge cake from Dim Sum King, and sakura mochi from Umai Do.…

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The Mein Man: OK Noodles Misses the Boat

Dish: Boat Noodle Soup
Place: OK Noodles, University District
Price: $6.78
In the bowl: Per the menu: “Small rice noodles, bean sprouts, spinach.” “Small” is written in because “Wide” is crossed out. Beef is the logical choice with boat noodle soup, so I went with…

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Sexy Feast: Umai Do Takes You into the Pink

There’s been a recent profileration of Japanese pastries and confectionaries in the Seattle area. Fuji Bakery and Café de Lion are garnering rave reviews, with Fresh Flours, Fumie’s Gold, Setsuko Pastry, and Hiroki among others worth exploring. In contrast to Western cakes and candies and…

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Surprise Cuisine at Lake City’s Joy Teriyaki

Seattle is teriyaki town, according to a colleague of mine. Teriyaki joints are ubiquitous in this city. Most are Korean-owned, though we can probably attribute the honor of launching the local teriyaki craze to Toshihiro Kasahara. Toshi’s Teriyaki took off, though he retired from the…

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The Mein Man: Joy Teriyaki Serves Up Noodles of the North

Dish: Tsuivan
Place: Joy Teriyaki, Lake City
Price: $8.50
On the plate: Per the menu: “Steamed flour noodle dish with beef and veggies.” Or, per the photo in the front window: “Stewing Beef, Salt, Flour Noodles, Garlic Onion, and Black Pepper. MSG and Sugar Free.”…

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Sexy Feast: Dim Sum King Says You’re Sponge-worthy

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the Seattle dim sum scene. Quality here pales in comparison to what you’ll find north of the border in Richmond. Going out for dim sum here seems like throwing away good money.
So when I saw…

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The Mein Man: Thai Palms Noodles Are a No-No

Dish: Pad Thai
Place: Thai Palms, Rainier Valley
Price: $6.99
On the plate: Per the menu: “Thai noodles mixed with ground peanuts, onion and bean sprouts.” There’s also lots of shredded carrot and purple cabbage, and my meat choice of pork.
Supporting cast/What to do:…

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East Coast Apizza, West Coast Cravings

Following January’s four week pizza spotlight, I found it fortuitous to be in New Haven, Connecticut, as it’s famous for its apizza restaurants in the Little Italy section of town. (It truly is “little.”)
Most famous is Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. Frank Pepe is the…

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Sexy Feast: Macrina Bakery Stuffs You Silly (and Happy)

Sexy Feast is going small treats and big feats for the rest of the month. Watch for a series of little sweets and even some savories, starting today with a visit to Macrina Bakery in Queen Anne.
I love bakeries, as the shelves and showcases…

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The Mein Man: Momiji’s Little Serving of Somen

Dish: Ikura Somen
Place: Momiji, Capitol Hill
Price: $9.00
In the bowl: Per the menu: “house marinated ikura over salmon sashimi & thin noodles.” There’s also shiso and all-important dashi.
Supporting cast/What to do: That’s the serving, so enjoy it for what it is, along…

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