Sexy Feast: Il Corvo’s Pasta Is Almost Bursting with Pleasure

il_corvo_linguini_640_3476One of Seattle’s hottest new restaurants is hiding…in a gelato shop. And even if you know where Il Corvo is (inside Procopio, steps down from Western Avenue behind Pike Place Market, below Kasala furniture store), you’ll have to find a way to get there during the week, preferably close to 11am and certainly before the day’s pasta sells out–which can be as early as 1pm.

Hopefully the crowds continue to come, as Hanna Raskin this week reminded us that good restaurants like Il Corvo can close if no one supports them. I went last week, Il Corvo’s last open date for 2011, and my partner and I enjoyed three types of pasta: sagnarelli alla Bolognese (our favorite), linguini alla carbonara (pictured, and note that Naomi Bishop included the recipe along with an interview in her two-part Grillaxin feature on chef Mike Easton and his restaurant), and gnocchi with brown butter, pine nuts, golden raisins, and rosemary.

So what does Il Corvo’s pasta teach us about sex?

It’s all about finding the proper fit for pleasure.

Go to Il Corvo and you’ll see three pasta choices on the menu. (You can also check the blog each morning for the list.) They change daily. And you may not recognize the names. For example, I didn’t know that sagnarelli is a short, flat, ribbon-like noodle about two inches in length that’s generally fluted on all sides.

It’s amazing how many varieties exist, a reminder that pasta is more than just spaghetti (or SpaghettiOs.)

Pasta can be short or long. Slender or wide. Thin or thick. Plain, or colored and flavored. And it’s not just the size that changes, but the shape as well. How fun to have a variety of textures and tastes.

It’s the same with condoms.

Shopping for condoms, like pasta, is shopping for the best fit, for in addition to protection, you want pleasure. You have to give them a try to see what type you like best. For example, some want something subtle, while others want to glow in the dark. Some seek a snug fit, while others don’t want to be so constrained. (This reminds me of the old joke that you could never sell condoms sized small, medium, and large, as no one would want the small. Instead, it’s better to market them as large, extra-large, and jumbo.)

To take the pasta analogy further, think of all of Il Corvo’s delicious and creative sauces as the lubricants. Oh, boy. The possibilities are endless.

And while many of the pastas are smooth, Easton occasionally offers one that isn’t. I’m watching for a rigate, like penne or rigatoni, as that will be ribbed–for her pleasure, of course.

First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on December 29, 2011.

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