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Sexy Feast: Il Corvo’s Pasta Is Almost Bursting with Pleasure

One of Seattle’s hottest new restaurants is hiding…in a gelato shop. And even if you know where Il Corvo is (inside Procopio, steps down from Western Avenue behind Pike Place Market, below Kasala furniture store), you’ll have to find a way to get there during…

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Beyond Seattle 2011: October (Amazing in Atlanta)

Actually, let’s first take care of the one November restaurant: Olde World Apizza in North Haven, Connecticut. It’s admittedly sad that my trip didn’t allow even a few more minutes to go a few more miles down the road to New Haven. Being so close…

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Beyond Seattle 2011: September (Pinesburger, Please)

This was not a particularly good month of eating, mostly because I was in nowheresville most of the time. Let’s jump in, starting in Albany, where I pulled off the highway shortly after leaving the airport for dinner at Ala Shanghai in Latham. This place…

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Beyond Seattle 2011: August (Enchantment in Elmhurst)

I’ve written up my summer travel previously, so let’s jump to August and a few restaurants I hit at the start of the new school year. My first trip is always to Tampa, but never with enough time to get anywhere interesting. This time around…

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Beyond Seattle 2011: April (Good Bologna)

I’m in airports frequently, with O’Hare in Chicago one of my least favorites for food. So I was excited to learn that Rick Bayless opened Tortas Frontera in Terminal 1. Using locally sourced ingredients, Tortas serves a number of the namesake griddle-baked sandwiches, as well…

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Beyond Seattle 2011: March (BBQ and More)

Just a few trips in March, starting in Pocatello, Idaho. It’s not the place you’d think of eating Indian food, but I gave it a try at Himalayan Curry & Kebob House. I had time for a quick lunch, so the buffet called to me,…

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Beyond Seattle 2011: February (Pig, Nose to Tail)

February started with a quick trip to Chicago, and by quick I mean flying from Seattle and then back home the same day. Luckily, this meant a chance for lunch in the Windy (and brutally cold) City, which turned into one of my favorite meals…

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Beyond Seattle 2011: January (Bamboo Fire and Bagel Taste-Off in Florida)

Having failed in my goal to do frequent postings of my out-of-town meals, I now face a backlog of a year’s worth of eating. Time to tackle these month-by-month, starting with January 2011. Let’s see how much I can remember about these meals. (And let’s…

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The Mein Man: Ayutthaya Thai Cuisine is Pretty Lean on Serving Size and Spice

Dish: Ayutthaya Noodles
Place: Ayutthaya Thai Cuisine, Capitol Hill
Price: $8.50
On the plate: From the menu: “Seasoned stir-fried wide noodles with chicken, egg & garlic. Served over green lettuce. Garnish with ground peanuts & green onions.” Julienned carrots add color and crunch.

Supporting cast/What…

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Sexy Feast: Maneki’s Uni Makes Us Get in Touch with Our Sex Organs

One year ago, I was at 107-year-old Maneki restaurant eating soba to debut the start of The Mein Man noodle column. Several months ago, I returned to watch as Andrew Zimmern shot a portion of his television program (due to air sometime next month) there.…

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