A la Mode: Now Your Daily Place for Pie in Phinney Ridge

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It’s not that A la Mode Pies is new. They’ve been producing pies and selling them online since 2009, receiving accolades from Seattle Weekly readers in 2011’s “Best Desserts” category. Today is special because A la Mode Pies debuts its flagship café in Phinney Ridge, which will be open seven days a week from 7:00 to 7:00.

Look for a menu board of 9-10 pies, plus a seasonal special or two, available in petite (serving two) and whole (serving eight) sizes. Chef/owner Chris Porter acknowledges that the pies are a bit pricey ($25 for a whole), explaining that he uses locally grown organic fruit and strives for high quality with “layers of flavors.”

If you can’t wait to get your pie home, sit in the store (there are a couple of tables, as well as a few seats at a counter), get some Caffe Umbria coffee, and order a slice.  Definitely heed the café’s name and get your pie “a la mode,” as the ice cream comes from Bluebird. The creamy vanilla ice cream is a fine match for most flavors, while snickerdoodle add a cinnamon burst to the apple-based pies.

Below are some of the pies I sampled, and a few other photos. Much to my surprise, my favorite was the signature Blue Hawaiian pie (picture above), with a streusel topping and blueberries that burst with flavor, working well with pineapple and coconut. If you like the pie, note that Bluebird is perfecting a Blue Hawaiian ice cream to match, to be available only from A la Mode Pies. With innovative flavors and quality products, anytime’s a good time to be in the mood for A la Mode.

a la mode mexican chocolate_600

Mexican chocolate mousse slice

a la mode apple_600

French apple, with a scoop of snickerdoodle

a la mode key lime_600

A look at the key lime pie

a la mode cc pecan_600

The very rich chocolate caramel pecan tart

a la mode sour cherry_600

Star-spangled sour cherry, which was just tart enough

a la mode lemon macaroon_600

Lemon macaroon tart, which had a cheesecake-like texture

a la mode menu_600

The menu board, full of choices

a la mode int_600

A la Mode Pie’s interior

a la mode lollipies_600

Cute LolliPies

a la mode showcase_600

A glimpse inside the showcase, so tempting…

a la mode ending_600

This translates into happiness…

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