Sexy Feast: New York Cupcakes Lead to Good Vibes and Two-Way Pleasure

ny cupcake 640 84I remain admittedly ambivalent about cupcakes.

When they’re really good they can be a guilty pleasure, but when you’re paying about three dollars a pop for a dollop of frosting on a sometimes forgettable base of cake, I’d rather put that money toward a banh mi or a noodle bowl.

Still, I recently ventured to New York Cupcakes in Madison Valley. (The original store is in Bellevue.) With its pink refrigerator, retro pink phone, and pink just-about-everything-else, New York Cupcakes is clearly playing to the young female persuasion.

The cupcakes have catchy New York-influenced names, like Radio City Raspberry, Madison Avenue Mint Chocolate Chip, and Park Avenue Peanut Butter “Cup” Cake. As a fan of the cookie, The New York Black & White tempted me, but I instead went with the related New York Neapolitan. This cupcake has layers of chocolate and vanilla cake, and is topped with strawberry butter cream, a little vanilla buttercream, sprinkles, and a maraschino cherry. The top was as sugary sweet as the store, and the bottom provided more focus on the chocolate and vanilla flavors.

So what do New York Cupcakes’ cupcakes teach us about sex?

It’s all about doubling your pleasure.

Cupcake eaters quickly learn that you can break the cake to get two distinctive parts that can satisfy the differing desires of two partners. Some people are tops, enjoying the frosting and sprinkles and everything else that makes that part sweet. Other people are bottoms, finding the top too sweet, preferring instead the simple (and hopefully moist) cake base. Hence, one item can be divided to provide unique pleasure for two different people.

I’ve discovered that the same can be true in the world of sex.

zini deux intactMSHarmony is a Korean company which has created a fascinating sex toy called the Zini Deux, winner of design awards. The Zini Deux looks like a little plastic football, but pull it apart, and you’ll find two magnetically held pieces–his and her vibrators! The convex piece is designed to part the labia and provide clitoral stimulation, while the concave piece is perfect for curving around the balls for testicular stimulation, or for providing direct stimulation to the penis. (It’s also ideal for breast/nipple stimulation.)

The Zini Deux is part of an interesting Zini series of chargeable vibrators which are all made with silicone for soft touch and easy cleaning. As with the other Zinis, the Deux offers easy-to-use controls to vary vibration. An uplifted “plus” button and indented “down” button make it easy to control motor speed. There’s also a “0” button in between which changes the pulsation pattern, offering five options plus a random mode.

zini deux open 500The Zini Deux is fairly pricey (I see it for $169.99), but it’s like getting two toys in one–and it comes in classy packaging. For men who’ve never tried a vibrator, this is a great opportunity to get in on the action. And for women, it’s a new toy for the collection. You need to shop around for what’s best for you in terms of feel, speed, pulsation patterns, etc. Some women say that the Zini Deux doesn’t provide enough strength, and also that it does not provide internal vibration. No fear: There are other vibrators in the Zini line that offer such options. All are gorgeous. (And speaking of sex and food, there’s even a Zini Donut which can provide pleasure for both genders.)

The Zini Deux is a unique toy for two. Just as you might do with one of those treats from New York Cupcakes, you can break your Zini Deux into two pleasure-inducing pieces. Start spreading the news… that’s frosting on the sexual cake.

(First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on September 22, 2011.)

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New York Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

New York Cupcakes on Urbanspoon


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