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Escape from Seattle: North to Vancouver/Richmond for the Best Chinese Food in North America

Following my first two Vancouver reports (splurges and snacks, then Japanese food), here is a report on the real reason I love to go to Vancouver—and especially Richmond: really good Chinese food. (All places are in Richmond, unless otherwise noted.)
This report will cover:


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Sexy Feast: Marination Station’s SPAM Slider Stirs the Loins and More

I’m one of legions who have loved Marination Mobile long enough that it earned accolades as the country’s best food cart in a Good Morning America challenge. And now that Marination Station has planted itself in Capitol Hill, there’s no need to go chasing down…

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The Mein Man: I Wanna Bigger Portion at Wanna Noodle

Dish: Asparagus Beef Noodles
Place: Wanna Noodle, Queen Anne
Price: $9.50
In the bowl: Per the menu: “5 pepper black bean sauce, asparagus, mushrooms, red peppers, egg noodles.” Also: onions and green onions.
Supporting cast: Nothing.
What to do: Dive right in.
Noodling around: First…

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Sexy Feast: Chiso’s Bento Box Is a Veritable Pleasure Chest

At Japanese restaurants, I’m usually all about the sushi. But when I went to Chiso during Seattle Restaurant Week (or partial weeks, as they actually are) to capitalize on a three-course lunch for $15, I was more impressed with the bento box than the sushi…

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C’mon Baby, Do the Loco Moco…at Marination Station Today

If you’re tired of chasing around one of America’s top food trucks, you can now get your daily fix of Marination Mobile’s regular menu, and more, at the all-new Marination Station opening at 11:00am today.
This little outpost above the QFC at Broadway and Pike…

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The Mein Man: Getting Gyatak at Annapurna

Dish: Gyatak Noodle Soup
Place: Annapurna Cafe, Capitol Hill
Price: $9.95
In the bowl: Egg noodles, a few pieces of lamb, onions, scallions (advertised, but not to be found), tomato, fried egg–and a piece of broccoli.
Supporting cast: Nothing. But you should get an order…

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Sexy Feast: Learning to Play Ball at Issian

Issian is an izakaya in Wallingford that advertises itself as a stone grill and a sushi bar. This Japanese pub is a perfect place for a group to enjoy drinks, share small plates, and engage in spirited conversation.
During a recent visit, my group went…

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The Mein Man: Giddy for Assorted Goodies at Rocking Wok

Dish: Assorted Goodies Over Crunchy Noodle
Place: Rocking Wok, Wallingford
Price: $7.25
On the plate: I ordered this dish because the name gives away little about its contents. Turns out the noodles are sitting in a brown sauce, covered with a variety of vegetables and…

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Escape from Seattle: A Japanese Interlude in Vancouver

In the second of three food reports from Vancouver (the previous covering some splurges and snacks), I offer a Japanese interlude. The featured eateries:

Gyoza King
Manzo Japanese Restaurant
Benkei Ramen
Kintaro Ramen
Motomachi Shokudo
Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
G-Men Noodle House


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Sexy Feast: Sex Fetishes Find Normalcy at Oddfellows

I admit it: I’m a bit of an odd fellow. How many people do you know who are both food writers and sex educators?
On the food writing side, it’s admittedly odd that I’d never been to Oddfellows. Not until last weekend, that is, when…

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