Sexy Feast: Play with Your “Pasta” at Il Terrazzo Carmine

il_carmine_500Café Juanita, Spinasse, Anchovies & Olives are Italian restaurants in the area that are making headlines and getting well-deserved recognition. Meanwhile, in Pioneer Square, there’s a place that quietly continues to bring classic Italian cuisine and service to diners, as they have since 1984: Il Terrazzo Carmine.

White linens, white jackets, and an old world feel–even at lunch–put me in the mood for something special. My eyes peruse the menu and soon settle on Ravioli Di Capriolo. How can I not try what promises to be an earthy delight? There’s venison (with a little spinach) inside the pasta and a wild mushroom demi-glace outside it. Umami-blasted by parmesan cheese, the dish is rich and satisfying.

So what does Il Terrazzo Carmine’s Ravioli Di Capriolo teach us about sex?

Game is good.

Venison is one form of game, which can include buffalo, moose, rabbit, and even birds like squab and wild geese. Part of what made this meal special was that venison brought variety to the usual cheese, beef, or spinach ravioli.

Sex can also benefit from game variety. I’ve said it before and will certainly say it more in the future: It’s so easy to get stuck in routines. Same time of day. Same place. Same position. Same old same old.

So why not play some games to spice up your sex life? Some classics include strip poker, Twister, and truth-or-dare. You can also exchange love coupons, make wish lists, play with body paints, or do role-playing. And if you’re lucky enough to travel to Europe, you might even come across We Dare.

As Il Terrazzo Carmine demonstrates, it’s good to have game.

First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on March 3, 2011.

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