Sexy Feast: Timely Porking at 5 Corner Market Bar & Kitchen

5_corner_pork_500p5 Corner Market Bar & Kitchen recently moved into Lombardi’s old location in Ballard. I stopped in for some bites, and they served up quite the meaty meal. Courses included pheasant raviolo and chasseur broth (aka “hunter’s” broth), oxtail with shaved foie gras torchon and pommes Robuchon, and South Carolina mustard bbq ribs with bacon potato salad. A dazzling dinner!

Tickling my fancy most: pork belly with black truffle grits, a Mad Hatcher Farm egg, and BLiS maple vinaigrette. This plate was perfect, with just the right balance of meat and fat in the pork belly, slight sweetness from the vinaigrette, and the seductive smell of black truffle renewing my interest in grits. (Those grits provided me with a far-too-infrequent “wow” moment.) Oh, and at a restaurant quickly becoming known for its incredible beer selection, an exquisite pairing with Dogfish Head’s Raison d’Etre beer, brewed with beet sugar and raisins.

So what does 5 Corner Market’s pork belly plate tell us about sex?

This breakfast-for-dinner dish shows that just as we can enjoy traditional morning pleasures at night, we can certainly enjoy typical evening activities in the morning. Like beer for breakfast. Or sex for breakfast.

Yes, I wrote about this recently, suggesting that as with Tilikum Place Café’s Dutch baby, anytime is the right time for sex. Urging: “Don’t relegate it to the same time, every time. Mix it up. Break out of your routines.”

Those of us who are healthy men “enjoy” nocturnal penile tumescence, or NPT. This is a fancy way of saying we experience several erections per night while sleeping–often waking up with one, known as “morning wood.” There’s no need to let that go to waste, especially if we’re waking up well-rested, with lots of energy.

If you’re spooning someone, you’re in a position to slowly arouse your partner. You’ll want to take it slowly, and not take that special someone by surprise (also making sure your partner’s into it), if you want that person to go from groggy to gaga. Part of the excitement of morning sex is the spontaneity, even if it’s just a quickie.

That said, perhaps it’s more fun to plan for it the night before. Maybe set the alarm an hour early, putting some mints (to counter that morning breath), lube, and condoms (if necessary) in easy reach. No need to clean up, as you’re getting down and dirty, and will end up with disheveled hair anyway. Embrace the look. And take it all in. Morning sex benefits from morning light, a nice change from the all-too-normal sex-in-the-dark experience.

Like 5 Corner Market’s breakfast in the evening dish, you’ll find sex in the morning full of BLiS(S), a Raison d’Etre, and utterly delicious.

First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on February 1, 2011.

For more about this meal (and the full menu), check here.

Would you like to experience a Sexy Feast in person? At 5 Corner Market Bar & Grill? This column comes to life, as area restaurants will be hosting Sexy Feast dinners over the next few weeks. Picture a winemaker dinner, but instead of an explanation of wines, I will explain the sexual lessons learned from each dish in your multi-course meal. A fun and stimulating way to talk about romance and relationships, with tips and techniques to spice up your sex life!

The next Sexy Feast, a Valentine’s dinner at Willows Inn on Feb. 12, is sold out, but there are openings for the following one at 5 Corner Market on Feb. 21. Check here for more information.

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