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Sexy Feast: Tantalizing Tentacle Porn at Madison Park Conservatory

At a recent dinner, Madison Park Conservatory offered my kind of menu: liver pate, foie gras terrine, roasted bone marrow, grilled beef tongue, wild boar ragu, and grilled octopus. Ordering was easy: “One of each, please.”
As Cormac Mahoney was top chef during Tako Truk’s…

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The Mein Man: Bet on the House at Gourmet Noodle Bowl

Dish: House Noodle Soup
Place: Gourmet Noodle Bowl, International District, Seattle
Price: $8.95
In the bowl: Hand-made, shaved wheat noodles in chicken broth with pork belly, chives, seaweed, green onions, and a fried egg.
Supporting cast: It’s all in the bowl.
What to do: Eat…

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From the Judges’ Table: Cochon 555 and Big Pig Pictures

Productivity is probably down in Seattle this morning in the aftermath of yesterday’s pork-filled Cochon 555.
There were butchers breaking down pigs, sampling from whole roasted heritage breed pigs, and even chicharrones dipped in chocoloate. All this after the opportunity to eat plates of pork…

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Sexy Feast: Feeling the Vulnerability at Willows Inn

As much as I’ve been enjoying the chance to lead the commentary during live Sexy Feast dinners at area restaurants, I was equally looking forward to actually eating last Saturday’s “sexy” meal at Willows Inn, which The New York Times recently named one of the…

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A Meaty and Much-Liked Meal at 5 Corner Market Bar & Kitchen

When I’m not on assignment and can choose a restaurant of my own, I face the same question as everyone else: Where, oh where, to go out to eat?
Here in Seattle, those who know me know I gravitate toward Asian cuisine, which is also…

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The Mein Man: Down for the Ten-Count at Uptown China

Dish: Ten ingredient sautéed rice thread noodles
Place: Uptown China, Queen Anne, Seattle.
Price: $9.25.
On the plate: A heaping pile of stir-fried rice stick noodles with, as promised, 10 other visible ingredients.
Supporting Cast: Nothing else. Unless you ask for something more. Which is…

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One Week Away: Cochon 555 Returns to Seattle

Ready to pig out?
If you missed it the past two years, the good news is that Cochon 555, Taste Network’s national pig-cooking, pig-eating, and pig-educating tour, is returning to Seattle this coming Sunday.
On February 20th, as in the past, five chefs will cook…

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Sexy Feast: Pleasure’s Not the Pits at Cicchetti

For the first half of a two-part anniversary dinner (the second half at Sushi Kappo Tamura, already given the Sexy Feast treatment), my dining companion and I visited Cicchetti, the intimate eatery tucked behind Serafina in Eastlake. Early is the right time to go, as…

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Sushi Kappo Tamura Is Simply Captivating

Sometimes I get so obsessed about comparing restaurants that I do crazy things.
Like creating a sushi (financial) spreadsheet.
I did this in comparing the three restaurants that reside in my top tier of favorites in the Seattle area: Kisaku, Shiro’s, and now Sushi Kappo…

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The Mein Man: An “FU” to E-Fu Noodles at 663 Bistro

Dish: Braised crabmeat and dry scallop yee mein
Place: 663 Bistro, International District, Seattle
Price: $9.95
On the plate: A mound of soft-looking noodles with slices of shiitake mushrooms, small pieces of crab, and even smaller pieces of dried scallops.

Supporting Cast: Nothing more than…

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