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The Pleasures and Perils of Pork at Book Bindery and Lecosho

I’m a bit perplexed about pork right now.
It’s still an incredible ingredient—bacon in the salmon chowder might be the reason that Matt’s in the Market bested Bobby Flay in this week’s Food Network Throwdown. And I wait with bated breath for Seattle’s third annual…

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Sexy Feast: Getting Head at Sushi Kappo Tamura

I have a new (co-) favorite sushi restaurant to recommend: Sushi Kappo Tamura. Oh, I still love Kisaku, with some unique offerings and slightly lower prices, but Tamura offers a slightly more upscale dining experience and high quality fish at prices slightly below Shiro’s—which rounds…

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The Mein Man: Kamrai Misses the Boat with Its Noodles

Dish: Boat Noodles
Place: Kamrai Thai Cuisine, Shoreline
Price: $9.50
In the Bowl: Per the menu: “Rice noodle with steam beef, green onions, cilantro and bean prouts.”
Supporting Cast: A caddy of condiments: salt, chili flakes, chili oil, and Sriracha, I believe.
What to do:…

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Gimme a High 5 for National Pie Day

Ahead of National Pie Day today (funny…we thought it would be on 3.14), a couple of your crack (pie) SunBreak staff checked out the new High 5 Pie on Capitol Hill.
And the neighborhood smells great.
You’ve been able to get some of these pies…

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Sexy Feast: Tittering Over Lecosho’s Sausage and Lentils

When a group of food writers was gathering on a late Sunday morning for brunch, I suggested Lecosho. (I’m not big on egg and batter dishes, so I liked that Lecosho served real lunch.) The menu looked perfect, and we sampled a number of the…

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Setsuko: Bringing Japanese Sweets to America

She knew she wanted to be a baker at a young age, back when she was living in Osaka. “At age 5 or 6, I would make a mess in the kitchen,” Setsuko Tanaka tells me. “I wanted to see how things mixed together, and…

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The Mein Man: Hoping for a Hock at Thanh Thao

Dish: Bun Moa (#141)
Place: Thanh Thao in Columbia City, Seattle
Price: $6.95
In the Bowl: The menu advertises it as “mashed pork-pie, ham, pig’s feet and vermicelli spicy soup.”
Supporting Cast: A side dish of bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, a few strips of iceberg…

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Set Your Sights on Art of the Table

Early last year, I was dining at the counter of a favorite sushi restaurant with a couple of food writers who were seated to my left. The conversation was pretty passionate, as we were bantering about best and worst places to eat in the Seattle…

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Sexy Feast: Lascivious Lasagna at Lago

I think it’s fair to say it’s one of the classic dishes of the Seattle area: lasagna at Cafe Lago.
The restaurant’s faithful have been coming for it since 1990, while others are just discovering it–most recently on Monday night when Chef/Owner Jordi Viladas offered…

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The Mein Man: Red-Hot Korean Noodles in a Silver-Cold Bowl

Dish: Bee Bim Naeng Myun
Place: Hae-Nam Kalbi & Calamari in Shoreline
Price: $8.95
In the Bowl: A fiery red mass of buckwheat noodles with daikon kimchi, cucumber, beef slices, Asian pear, and half of a boiled egg.
Supporting Cast: Scissors, and a small bowl…

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